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Monday, August 3, 2015

Vintage Millinery style melted flowers DIY tutorial

Hi guys! I am not much of a tutorial-er,but I am a DIYer! Today I am sharing how I make melted flowers. NOTE this is not for the easily burned or clumsy! High heats are used! Proceed with caution and don't start a fire!

 I start with sheer polyester or cotton will not work! Must be synthetic! I cut a square to the size I want, round it and cut in slits and trim off a few corners for petals. 4-5-6..whatever. More petals= frillier flower.

 I layer these trying to vary the slits (center a slit over a petal on the next layer) ..about 4-5 of the petal layers and secure with a stitch or 2. NOT glue! Glue will not work when you add the heat.

 I usually make these on glass plate on my glass stovetop for safety. Make SURE it is a heat proof surface!

 I use a quarter for a spacer to keep the petals from closing into a wad. I have also used a flat backed glass florist "pebble" It must be heat proof!

 Magic tool..embossing dryer will not won't get hot enough.

 Lightly, carefully, slowly melt a petal at a time. The second it starts melting, back off the heat tool. You can always melt it further if you want..GO EASY. I use a spoon or fork or wooden skewer/chopstick to pin the quarter and flower down to keep it from blowing away. DO NOT use your fingers!

 I work my way around the inner petals..again..DO NOT touch with your plate, hot quarter, hot material! (When learning, I'd keep a bowl of water near just in case something starts burning!)

 I apply less heat to the outer petals and concentrate on just the tips. Let cool. Shake out quarter (don't touch it)..done!

 On these I added a rolled rose center. Tons of how to's on the web or check my how to post here if that link doesn't work, it is my 9/20/2013 post on this blog

 Back view..I just make these smaller using a shorter and narrower "coil".

Before and after on the petals. Note they shrink quite a bit..keep that in mind when cutting your petals out.

Hot glue in your middle could add whatever you wanted to the center..rhinestone button or bling or pearly beads.

I added leaves I made out of vintage tinted French dictionary pages.

Tres chic? You can use these flowers on tons of applications and make them in any color of sheer poly you have. Work yes but cheap cheap cheap per flower. I use warm and natural over felt because you can get tons of flowers out of a 1/2 yard for way less than felt..and it looks nicer than the cheap felt does! Comments loved..followers adored! Stop again and see what I am up to! Til next time! Julia

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