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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New box of old vintage dolls!

 Hi guys! I got into another box of vintage dolls to picture and list.

 This poor old boy has an awful repair. A new air clay ear and a proper repair would go a long way!

He is old with an excelsior stuffed cloth body. He has a definite "boy" face. Unmarked and odd.

 A creepy/sweet hard plastic doll mark.

 This one was marked PLAYTHING on her neck. Google told me "unknown US Maker". She used to have a wig. Pretty aqua eyes!

 Vintage Barbies I put on EBay. I love the 1960's outfits. I had Barbie paper dolls in the mid/late 60's that had these outfits in them! My first Barbie was a red headed Stacey with bendable legs. I was 1st grade and a boy in my class informed me "his sister stopped playing with Barbies when she was 4!" I held a grudge against him for years for bursting my joy bubble! My mom worried her boobs were too big for a little girl's My next were in the "Malibu era" I didn't have a lot of Barbies, but my sisters and I had a dollhouse we made them of cardboard boxes and spent HOURS playing.

These are bubble cut (hairdos) with the straight legs. The ponytail one on the right is a bit older. Her but is marked 1958 but someone told me her head may be a Barbie clone head that got switched. Not sure.

 The red suit one is supposed to have a pony tail. Original red swimsuit. A red haired Skipper marked 1963 and a curly banged ponytail Barbie with no clothes..and no fingers..chewed off or some sort of big brother accident?

 New old dolls..These are composition with tin eyes.

 The proportion of the head and body to the arms and legs was not always spot on! Tiny T-Rex arms! The one on the right has "real" magic skin..eek! Those creep me and the skin never ages well. They spring leaks and the stuffing comes out.

 Cute face..marked PLAYTHING too She has her wig!

 This is what my hair looks like in the morning..if I am lucky...

 Tin eyes no mark.

OK..this poor buck toothed one is a bit camera refused to focus on her face! LOL I am trying to list other items besides dolls in my shop also. So check back and see what I find! 'Til then! Julia

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vintage dolls and doll parts

 Hi guys! I have started opening boxes of the old dolls I bought last month. I'm sharing a few here today. I am not by any means a doll expert..just know enough to be dangerous. The one above is an Arranbee Nancy doll. She is Composition with a stuffed body. Composition was a doll making material usually consisting of sawdust, plaster, fillers and glue made into a dough and pressed into molds. Each manufacturer had their own "secret recipe".

This is also an Arranbee Nancy doll..a definite style difference.. She is marked Nancy on her neck. She is going to EBay, the red dress Nancy is going to my Etsy shop.

 I figured out this one is a Madame Alexander. Circle with a plus sign mark (so much research!) She has tin eyes and an open mouth with teeth. I love her crazy mohawked remnant of a wig..she has stories to tell. I think she is starting on EBay as I have no clue to value. A new wig and clothes and she could be cute again.

 I listed several of these American Character Tiny Tears heads in my Etsy shop. Some were hard plastic with hair and a couple were composition. The no eyes makes it creepy. This would be great Halloween decor with a battery tea lite inside! Etsy artists use them to upcycle into altered and assemblage art pieces. I have more heads than I can use, but I plan to "play" with a few too!

 These are a few I unboxed today. I have to research a bit and decide which direction they are going.

 Most don't creep me out, but there are a few I know from boxing them up that are lurking someplace that are quite creepy!

 Poor dead eye Shirley here is a bit creepish..but those cute dimples!

 Pretty aqua eyes..

 I remember this one being marked Horsman.

 This is a crazy one I have on EBay. The eyes move when tilted. I think she may be a Campbell Kid or a spin off of a Kewpie? Dolly Dingle? I couldn't find anything like her online.

 This cute composition Shirley is in my Etsy store.She has some paint cracking under her hairline, but still cute. Her eyes are tin.

 This is a Madame Alexander doll head on a not Madame Alexander doll body..not sure where to go with this one.

 This is a matching one to the Shirley above w/ the pink ribbon. She is on EBay.

 An unmarked Shirley Temple or knock off. She is hard plastic and large. She is on EBay too. Her head can tilt.

 A couple bins of arms legs and bodies..yikes.

Most of these will be going to my Etsy shop in pairs or lots if they are singles. Lots of work ahead! Stop in again and see what else I find! Julia

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

South Dakota views

 Hi guys! I really didn't take as many pics as usual on vacation this year. I was busy visiting or vegging out. We got there on the 4th of July and by that night I had worn 2 raw spots on both elbows from sitting at my mom's kitchen table with my sisters and BILs,yaking and talking with my hands!I did get some pics of my mom's flowers..Clematis..

 Her raspberries that we picked several times..

 and she always has hollyhocks..

 Hers grow so good..mine get a bug that munches them here in TN

I marked a few for her to save seed for me though. This one was SO red and velvety and double! A pretty mutant.

 This is the school my dad attended 1-8th grade. It sits an 1/8 mile from their farm...soon to be moved or torn down I am afraid. I walked up there one evening and contended with the mosquitoes from HELL. I was walking and swinging my arms and swatting..they were biting me through my clothes!

 I wanted to get pics of the beehives out back. My parents get honey from these as "rent" from the beekeeper.

They were so colorful and cool! I had to make a beeline for home (hah..punny) as the mosquitoes were ready to carry me off. Note the flatness of the horizon! Makes for great sunrises and sunsets.

 My folks' barn.They said they were going to hire a guy to finish tinning the roof. I said I sure as hell hope so! At 75 and 79 they don't need to be on the barn roof in the SD wind nailing down tin!

 "The boys" and one of the painted class flags in town. They started painting them in 2011 and have one for each year on a building around town.

 A crazy rock I found with a face on it..see it?

 A heart shaped rock from my parent's driveway. I am a sucker for heart shaped rocks and collect ones I find.

 And what is SD without its taxidermy? This pheasant was in a gas station knocking one back.

 ..and the mighty jackalope. The grocery store in town has 2 stuffed black bears over the dairy section "Check out our bear bottom prices" because..who knows. LOL. Bears do not live in eastern SD. Poor bears. I have a pic but it is on my instagram and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get it here because I am a techno stooge.  (Hopeandjoyhome if you have an account) I could post it to Flickr and then upload it here..if I could remember my Flickr account password..and account name..see what I mean?

Grandson Hunter with my sisters' retired horses. They live at my folks farm. The wedding was great. We got to see our son and daughter in law's new house and my sister and her husband's new house. I spent an initially horrific afternoon at a waterpark with the kids and sisters, husband and nieces and nephews. It was 100 plus and there were thousands of people there and I was afraid I was going to burst into flames like a vampire and I hadn't wore a swimsuit since last year in Hawaii..yikes.So much angst! After I got in the water it wasn't so bad! Next time the sisters said we should leave the kids home and float the lazy river and hang out at the swim up bar and call the husbands to fetch us when we are done! Not a bad plan. Hope your summer is going swimmingly! Til next time! Julia

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back from vacation! South Dakota antique shopping

 Hi guys! Back from vacation. We went to SD to visit family and to attend our nephew's wedding. We also squeezed in a bit of antique shopping. I left this behind and regret it..4 huge ceiling tin tiles. NOW I realize what a cool headboard piece this would have made..shoot.I was stuck in buy to sell mode not buy for Julia mode.

 These lightning rods were cool..most had sun purpled glass globes.

 This is one of my fav spots, Frost Antiques in rural Redfield, SD. It is on a farm and they have a trailer and some sheds of antique and vintage items.

 Loved this..if it would have fit on the Explorer I may have brought it back..not sure if I could have convinced Ed though. I'd love it for a bathtub! Zinc with a wooden rim..too cool.

 Lots of old metal farm implement wheels..

 and barn cupolas in the background.

 Red Wing pottery..very hot in the Midwest, but you don't see it much in TN and it is in less demand here.I have a few I used to use for brining sweet pickles. My gramma made sauerkraut in my mouth is watering!

 I found this cool old tin sign. I actually met Richard..he is now passed, but he was my also now passed on Aunt Edith's "special man friend". They were both widowed but spent years going out to eat and dancing together in their later years.

 This room had tins and toys. The next was graniteware and crocks.

 Farm-y things..
More..I cannot even remember what we bought here! LOL..I'll have to rediscover it when I unpack the boxes. We also went to an antique /farm auction one day and got more goodies. Too bad my space was limited!More tomorrow, stop back! Til then, Julia