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Monday, August 17, 2015

Mixed Media tin hearts

 Hi guys! I am sharing some mixed media tin hearts I finished up this weekend. I make these with vintage materials.

 OK..except for that Red's Apple Ale bottlecap halo! These figures are vintage Italian creche baby Jesus-es. (Jesi?) Wish I had more but only had the 2.

 The keys are vintage brass ones I verdigris-ed.

 A bit of the vintage copper I found at an estate sale a couple weeks back. I am going to have fun snipping and hammering that!

 These last 4 are larger...vintage French dictionary pages and vintage wallpaper.. love that rosy stuff!

The sing one has vintage Mozart sheet music. Time to clear the decks and move into glitter mode! These will be headed to The Gathering show in Knoxville this weekend and if they don't sell onto my Etsy shop. Hope you had a great weekend too! More vintage pics and Show pics to come so stop back! Comments loved, followers adored! Til next time! Julia


byTheArtBug said...

These are really nice!

Almost Precious said...

Great tin/copper work. I'm sure they will be very popular with customers. Best of luck at your shows, may you be swamped with sales. :)

Jonquil Junction said...

Love the look of vintage tin! We once owned a café that had the old tin ceiling still in it. Beautiful detail, would love to get my hands on that ceiling to craft with now!

Vanessa said...

These are beautiful! I love mixed media pieces and these have great texture/pieces.