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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Still alive!

 I am still alive and kicking! I have been spending most of my time on Instagram as it is so quick and easy. You can follow me there at hopeandjoyhome I post often. This last year has been full of babies. Our daughter Hope and her husband Jake had a baby in June. Jocelyn Elizabeth. I got to be in the delivery room and I have been babysitting her once Hope went back to work.She is a laid back sweetie!

 Lilah started daycare  when I got Joce to watch ( not my choice!) I no  longer see her daily but do get in some Nina time. She is so funny.

 She will be 2 next week and is a total delight.Her mom got her Master's in Chemistry last month and a job she can do remotely online so she is home with her now!

 Hunter is a 4th grader now and so tall! A smart sweet big brother.

So these 3 are what keeps me busy and adds joy to my days. Our youngest Jaxon is now 16 and working on a driver's license! Busy with golf and soccer and friends. He is 6'2" now! Still my baby! He  also keeps me very busy hauling him around. I enjoy his company immensely. He keeps me up on the goings on in the rap and music world and I keep him up on everything else! It is amazing how much he knows ..and how little he knows! I can't even ponder him being in college in 2 years..I about have a panic attack! Lol. We are still on Etsy and doing well actually... even with all the changes there. I have started taking online art workshops this year and really have enjoyed it. Always more to learn! We have been busy with our vintage shop and I have been making a lot of new items. I will share some of what I have been up to in my next post! See ya then! Julia