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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Gathering Show Knoxville

Hi guys! Pics from a show I did this weekend. The Gathering Show in Knoxville. Not scads of traffic, but pretty motivated buyers. I. Am. BEAT! I am apparently so out of shape as my thighs feel like I have been running stadium stairs!. 15 loads of inventory and fixtures downloaded from the trailer and Explorer, hauled in, and set up. 

 The background looks a bit sparse here as my neighbors hadn't set up yet.

 The sticks are vintage carnival or circus canes. They would have had a toy rubber banded to the top and sold by the souvenir guy at the circus. I always wanted one of those toys but I don't remember my dad ever caving. We did get cotton candy and snow cones though. Maybe it was because there were 5 of us kids then? I remember he thought they were ridiculously over priced. LOL

 This display is a 4 foot ladder I painted white with boards pushed through the steps. As I don't attach the boards, this is best for lightweight items. These are some of my handmade bottlebrush trees, a vintage baby dress and some antique and vintage mirrors. This wasn't a good mirror show. I had them priced $20-$25 and no go. Last time I sold almost every one I brought! You never know.

 A vintage dictaphone and some shabby shutters.We sold a lot of the shutters.

 The tutu and the antique blanket chest went too. I love great shows, because if the other sellers are having a good day, they are more willing to come buy from me too! Interior customers! I did sell to  a few other dealers. I bought a pile of vintage mixed media goodies..French paper ephemera, dresdens, letters, vintage crepe paper and I am not even sure what all.  The dealer was blowing it out at great prices and then she went 50% off that on Saturday. I need to dig through my boxes tonight and see what all I got..probably while doing a Golum from Lord of the Rings impersonation "..Preciousssss preciousssss.." LOL.

 All the wire milk crates but one sold. The cool shabby medicine cabinets didn't, but they will! Aqua mason jars seem to be slowing down. I sell mine with original zinc lids for $8. Harvest tables..grrr..if you don't have them people ask for them, if you have them, they sit. One of my October shows is better for country furniture..The Clinch River Festival in Clinton, TN on October  10th. (near Knoxville) That is an outdoor show with tons of customers.


 These pediments sold as did the potting bench the dolls were sitting on (picked up after the show thank goodness!)It is a great display piece and if I still had  store I'd have kept it. Too big to drag to shows for me though as I usually have to set up, but a pain in the keister.

 I sold a lot of vintage dolls. The cloth body ones seemed most popular. I like those too. They look good even undressed.

 People seemed to be in 2 camps about the dolls..either Oooh! Or Eek..creepy! OK by me though..creepy sells! Those alabaster lamps are about ready to stay at my house!

 We do have a few new metal items such as the letters here.

 I sold a few doll heads too and while I was at the sale, sold a bunch of them in my Etsy shop..yay!

 This mid century child's chair was $15 and didn't sell. I don't think Knoxville is big on Mid Century. It is still a strong primitive market.

 All those enameled trays on top of that chair sold (Wish I would have kept one!). Farmhouse and industrial cottage are my "look" I guess.

 All my vintage metal trike seats sold before the sale even started to another dealer. I like that Flora Danica crate (Flowers of Denmark) I think it is a flower bulb crate. There are Flora Danica dishes, but I doubt they crated them like that. This display is 2 6 foot step ladders. I added 2 shutters. I used to have boards that fit this 12" wide but Ed  stole them to use as shelving in his shed! So I improvised. The metal stars are new.

 Bed springs and more metal..galvanized, rusted, painted's all good! Those are old enameled appliance legs. They'd make great coffee table legs!

 The wire baskets are new too. All those shutters went.

 The suitcase had vintage pillowcase sets and a few embroidered bits. Suitcases make things easy to haul in and out.

 More metal. Those Hollywood Regency mirrors sell well on Ebay, I just hate to ship mirrors. $20-$25 here which is less than EBay and no shipping. I have a bit more "girly" show coming up they may sell at.

The butter molds and potato mashers sold as did bread boards, the little bench under the bread pans and the bread pans,and vintage clocks (non working but cute) Those little boxes on the right hold vintage wallpaper border rolls. They will probably end up on Etsy. So overall a good show. Onto the next! My week will be filled with listing more doll heads in my Etsy shop and vintage items we are listing for friends on EBay (they pay me a commission on what sells)and my own stuff on Ebay and Etsy..and working on handmade items..No rest for the wicked! Hope you had a great weekend! Comments loved, followers adored. Stop back and see what I am up to! "Til next time! Julia

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