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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September morn

 Hi guys! I have been MIA for a bit..I have been here, but been busy! I have done a couple shows and been busy in the on what I have been making next post. It was foggy this morning and I am a weirdo that loves the romantic! So I grabbed my phone and walked down my driveway. These morning glories are "volunteers" that are growing next to my carport.

 The long and winding (and rutted) road of my driveway..

 I heard Canadian geese flying over. There is a large flock  in town that just lives here year 'round. I guess they got tired of migrating and just said "Screw it..we're staying!".. does that make them Tennessee geese? Maybe just lazy geese..or smart geese!

 A dewy spiderweb..

I've been likin' lichen lately! An underdog of the "plant" world.

 So pretty!

 A few straggling wild daisies in the ditch.

 Back up the driveway. I was telling myself I need to walk this a few times every morning..I haaaate exercise though! (and not a big fan of mornings..although they are pretty!)

 More moss and lichen...

 I like to find natural heart shapes.

 A wild pink morning glory..

 Some purple ones growing on a trellis of mine. With my cancer this spring and summer, my garden was an ignored was on its own! I planted tomatoes in a stone built in planter that runs the length of our garage..those things went jungle crazy! Still picking. Best tomato plants I ever had. They had an eastern exposure..maybe they like a bit of shade in the afternoon!

 A dahlia ..I generally only like scented flowers but these take care of themselves..a big plus for me!

One of a few straggling September roses in my favorite pink. Apparently beauty is right there in front of you every just have to venture out and look! Hope you have a great week! Til next time! Julia

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vintage Mid Century ugly cool baboon lamp

 LOL..Ed got this while shopping unsupervised this weekend. It is fabulous in its "uglosity"! It is a mid century lamp. It is plaster and about 3 feet tall. At first I thought it was a horse! It was my daughter that looked at it and said "Its a baboon!"

Giant glorious fugly is unmarked and probably going on Ebay. I am running in all directions this week sorting things for upcoming shows and the flea market and redoing my booth and listing online and working in the studio. "UglyBob" will be perched on my coffee table silently judging me in the meantime! (Silent Bob?) Hope you are having a productive week! Comments loved, followers adored. Stop again! Til next time! Julia

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mixed media collaged uterus My cancer journey "journal"

 Hi guys! I have had this piece in my mind for a month or 2. While I was going through my cancer journey, I saved a lot of paperwork etc. The base of this is a vintage bike seat..a seaterus? LOL. I have never been a journal-er but I do appreciate them. Just not sure I have the attention span for an entire journal!

 I figured since my uterus, ovaries and tubes are gone, I needed to make a "memorial" one for my studio wall.There are pieces where the Dr. was explaining what was going on.

 There is paperwork from places I had surgeries..

 Notes from my parents..

 One of my hospital bracelets..

 Announcements for prayers from my church bulletin..

The survivor I stamped on tissue paper and mod podged on. I may color this with inks..haven't decided looks a bit stark. I also need to add some tubes and ovaries. I am thinking copper tubing and ..something.. I will share it again when it is finished! And yes my oncologist's name was Dr. fitting! I have more things from the studio to share and the craziest vintage Mid Century baboon lamp that Ed bought this weekend..why?? lol..because it was spectacularly crazy fugly cool... and he was unsupervised. Who doesn't need a 3 foot tall baboon lamp? LOL. Stop back! Til then, Julia