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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mixed Media ephemera trophy My latest project

 Hi guys! I wanted to share what I have been working on lately. This is a mixed media trophy piece. I love the shape of an urn. It reminds me of vintage folk art and theorems that had a lot of urn shaped motifs.

 I covered this with all vintage and antique papers.

 I finished it with a heart of vintage wallpaper. Behind that is an antique prescription slip from Morristown, TN.

I really like how this turned out.

 If you wanted to display it all "white", just turn it around! I think it would look great filled with feathers.

 I used vintage French text prose and poetry..palest grey green floral vintage wallpaper snippets because I love the subtle color..

 Also antique dictionary pages, vintage sheet music..opera I think...I had to finish the inside too.

 Also strips of antique ledger paper from a SD road tax ledger..You can see the town of Clear Lake on the front of the cup. I liked this yellow-y bit that says Edmunds (county) for its pop of color. I adore old ink script!

A yummy layering of papers..I like to give a glimpse of the origins of the papers. Someplace on here it even has the ledger printer's name from Aberdeen, SD.

 I need to make some scrapbook paper this way..

I like the touches of pink from the ledger pages too.

 Of course I had to finish the bottom.. (need to sign this yet!) Off to my Etsy shop it goes! I hope you all are having a blessed, productive week too... it has been rainy here which makes weed pulling in the garden easier. We have been eating fresh raspberries and garden lettuce..yum! Until next time! Julia

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Decoupaged stars, vintage goodies, new patio furniture and empty nesting

 Hi guys! Again..a large gap in posts. I have been busy!As usual I will be posting photos of my latest work and vintage goodies and carrying on a totally different conversation! These are my latest "thing" This is a large metal wall star to which I have added vintage wallpaper from my stash. It is reeeally hard for me to cut this wallpaper both for hoarding reasons (ha) and literally it is a pain to work with. It tears easily, can be crumbly if folded and it is hard to cut because it keeps rolling back up! I LOVE this one.

 I used 5 different patterns in pinks, creams, greens and golds.

 This one I used vintage map paper. These are the world view through the ages type..former empires. I liked the bright colors.

 Vintage ocean-y maps..

 Antique sheet music of operas..

 Vintage French prose...I like how the different papers add pattern and texture to the pieces!

 One of my latest finds. I like vintage religious objects. I have a small wall in my house that I have a "gallery" of vintage and antique religious framed prints..also right across the hall from my son's over the door basketball hoop..I am amazed nothing has gotten knocked off during one of their rowdy the grace of God?

 I like the sweet little angels on this crucifix...old and very ornate!

 This Infant of Prague statue is already off to a new was large-ish shabby and cool!My mom had quite a few different ones of these plaster religious statues  when we were kids (still does!)

 I have been listing vintage feedsacks on EBay. I never know which ones are going to get a high price so I start them there and then list them on Etsy if they don't achieve my usual Etsy start price on EBay..they usually sell right away on Etsy! These are harder to find and I LOVE finding a new batch.

This sweet baby dress is off to a new home too. It was so sweet and shabby. It has heart shaped pockets and pale blue rick rack cute for display!

I have a soft spot for vintage doll clothes..

This is a adorable vintage doll purse. These would be such a cool thing to collect..many different styles which makes it fun..and small so they don't take up a lot of space!

I spent a couple hours ironing the vintage pillowcases I bought last month (not that you can tell on this was going to put them on Etsy but if I see as much as a speck on them I hate to sell them online. I always feel like I have to over explain the speck and make it seem awful when it is not! I ended up just putting several pairs of these in my local booth for the time being. I sort of don't like that either as people unfold them and toss them on the floor and they get dirty! Akk! Our last show had a disappointing turnout so we are not doing the next couple months and are concentrating on doing the weekly local flea market in Oak Ridge to turn older merchandise. I also got an extra space in the antique mall (Main Street Antiques Sweetwater, TN) to put furniture pieces in. I have a shed full and a trailer full..have to get it out there to sell! I liked the show and felt he did good promotion, but customer turnout was sooo thin. I feel guilty skipping as I know less vendors make for less return customers, but you have to do what you have to do!

New deck furniture! I looove Target. We looked several places but they were the winner. I didn't want a big table as it would take over the deck and when we eat out there we just put up one of our folding show tables as they seat 6-8 people. This is my grandbaby Hunter. We have been having a busy month.2 birthdays for our daughters, Father's day, wedding dress shopping for my daughter..she picked one but I am forbidden to post pix. She doesn't want her fiance to see it! I enjoyed having our daughter Hope home from Indiana (IU Optometry school) for her and Alexa's "birthday week". The grand-dog Sarge (pit mix) came too and our pup Daisy (terrier mix) was a total nutso hot mess. It was like Sarge was Phil from "The Hangover" and she was Alan! She wanted to do everything he did and ended up romping through the woods on a breakaway and scratched her cornea! 2 trips to the vet, $118 and drops and she was good to go.

Sarge took me on an unexpected trip. I was sitting on the cement step at the end of the deck stairs talking to my mom on the phone. I had him on his extend-o leash so he and Daisy wouldn't run off on another romp. I had the leash wrapped around my hand.He saw a cat in the woods and clean jerked me off the step, through the pea gravel and stepping stones onto the yard..I had actual hang time! A few scrapes but all is well!

I am dreading next month as Alexa and Hunter are moving out. I have known since he was born that the day would come when they moved out, but it is so painful! He has been my baby (when Mom was at school, college and work) I KNOW they have to go and am happy for Alexa. She got into grad school and they are paying her to go! I feel bad about feeling bad. I don't want her to see me upset. My husband doesn't deal well with emotional me so I just bottle it in which I know is bad. I see a cloud of anxiety and depression looming and I don't want to go there!I feel silly feeling bad about a good thing..nobody is sick or hurt or in a bad situation...I am just going to miss my "Skinny McGee"! I also had the horror dawn that when SHE goes I will be the only "girl" in he house and I won't have anyone to talk to about things that interest me! ESPN& SciFi channel here I come. Ah changes and moves on. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think! Hope you all are having a great week! stop back and see me again! Julia