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Monday, January 13, 2014

McCoy pottery and more

 Hi guys! I am sharing a few pieces of my vintage McCoy (and more) pottery collection today. This, as my husband would say, is the tip of the iceberg! I started collecting vintage matte or satin "white" or cream pieces and veered off into aqua and mint..then yellow..and I even have a couple pink pieces! I think the sky blue one on the left may be Haeger pottery. To me, Haeger either seems to be cool or ugly .not a lot of between ground!

 When my daughter Hope moved out I sent a dozen (or more) pieces with her for her new apartment..and it really didn't make much of a dent!

 I got these out to use as possible photo props for some map covered altered softballs that I made.

            Then I ended up taking pix of just them! This vase is a fav.

I also have a few pieces of this "Capri blue" glass. I am not a big glass collector, but I do love this color! I started altering softballs because, as my daughters played softball for years, we had quite a few old ones laying about. I used vintage map paper and they look like little globes (another thing I collect!)

 These softballs are more pastel and merited an aqua McCoy planter.I love mid century much coolness! I keep thinking I am going to plant succulents in this one, but with the exception of one Christmas cactus, I am a total indoor plant serial killer!

This is a favorite bowl. This is older unmarked McCoy. I really like this blue.

I also got another Union Jack pillow made as the one from last week sold. This one has a burlap background and pale grey (new) ticking. I prefer to use vintage fabric but I had this laying around..I bought it for some other project that I have since either forgotten or lost enthusiasm for! I am notorious (at least in my mind) for that..getting an idea and getting all excited to make it, buying the stuff I need then...why did I buy this ticking?? Crafting ADD! I want to do some in white and grey vintage fabric too with this ticking.. maybe some lace added too.

 I had internet problems all last week and this week it is the septic tank..ewww. They finally figured out what our internet issue was, and "the guy" is coming tomorrow to snake our lines...thank goodness. We have water but no drainage so you can bathe and wash dishes if you bail the water, but the potty is another issue entirely! Thank goodness my husband's office isn't far away! SO..hoping YOU are having a stress and problem free week! 'Til next time! Julia

Friday, January 3, 2014

New pillow projects and old apothecary bottles

 Hi guys! Well..yes I know I SAID I was going to be more artsy and less functional..and actually I AM working on a couple artsy things..but I made these 2 pillows the last 2 days too and I wanted to share. I have a vintage supply ...ummm..ok HOARDING issue! I have had these vintage feedsack patchwork quilt top squares for years waiting for "the perfect project". I read someplace (sorry whoever said it first) that you make your best work when you let go of "the good stuff"! As I want to destash a bit also..I realeased these "into the wild"!

 It is actually 4 hand sewn/pieced squares that I seamed together (machine) to make one larger square of pillow size. I wanted to put a heart in the center as it is my favorite motif, so I got out more fabric and just started layering things until I thought, "That is IT!" I cut out a heart shape (just like you learned in kindergarten with paper) and I hand basted the edges under. I added bright red rick rack w/ the sewing machine as I wanted both a scalloped edge, a pop of red and a grounding solid color to bridge the patterns. Look at all those feedsack squares and vintage fabrics..sooo yummy! I wish I had yards of some of those!

 The reverse is some fabulous Jennifer Paganelli fabric that I have also hoarded for a few years. I bought it and it was so pretty I didn't want to cut it up! I actually bought this pattern in 3 colorways..also bright pink and white and white and black.

 I just really liked how all these fabrics "played" together!

 This one is a repeat as I have made a couple previously. I am starting to run low on my stash of unused vintage blue and white ticking fabric. I bought a whole roll a few years back. I sold yards and yards of it and have used a lot of the rest! I hope the estate sale gods smile on me again soon! And no..the tape measure bits are not off center..that is the way a Union Jack is supposed to be! With a last name like "Marlow" I always though my husband's ancestors must have been English, but we found out a few years back they were actually Irish..maybe Ireland via England?

 The red and white check is also an estate sale is Waverly. I added jute/burlap upholstery webbing and vintage fabric tape measure tape. That is also an estate sale was unused replacement pays to look in the garage and workshop at estate sales! So..while my supplies hold out I will continue making these..or something like them..I get easily bored making the same thing over and over!

 This is what I was working on this week for my vintage Etsy shop..adding groups of antique aqua glass apothecary, medicine, pharmacy bottles. They are so pretty! I love aqua blue. I thought they would be great for altered bottles, for vases..add a cork and a new "old label" (Check out the Graphics Fairy online (Google her) She has fabulous old graphics free to download.

 I learned a lot researching these things. Some said "for consumption" which was the old fashioned word for tuberculosis. My research told me that the active ingredients in one "consumption cure" were alcohol, chloroform and cannabis (pot) and for another one that I had the active ingredient was HEROIN! Holy smokes..they didn't cure TB, but I guess you probably didn't notice or care!

 Some of the bottles were a deeper aqua and some were palest aqua green..I even have a couple dark green ones. Some are unmarked. Some are extract/flavoring bottles, cough syrup, stove blacking,ink, hair was even hair dye!

I will be listing more..I have some smaller ones and some larger. A couple look to have been dug, but most are pretty nice. It is fun to imagine where they have been. One thing I have learned selling vintage..sometimes your "stuff" lasts a lot longer than you do! Hope you all have a great weekend! Until next time! Julia