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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Knoxville Trade Days show

Hi guys! This Saturday was the First Knoxville Trade Days show in ..where else..Knoxville! I didn't so my usual "involved" 2 day set up but went the "easy way" which is just folding tables, ladders and board shelves. I grabbed a few vintage Raggedy Ann and Andies out of my booth. These are homemade versions.

I got this vintage knitting/sewing tote a couple weekends ago..loooove the vintage floral fabric!

This is a vintage shabby 48 star flag is long and skinny..more of a bunting.

Some nice vintage leather boots..and in the background you can see one of a pair of alabaster lamps that sold (boo hoo!) As my husband pointed out, I already HAVE a pair, but can a gal ever have enough alabaster lamps?

More Raggedy Anns...behind them is a vase I have not been able to ID..but I have one in cream and one in blue. They are twisted with 2 twisted handles. They have a raised rectangular mark on the bottom, but I can't tell what is stamped in it!

           One more Ann and book in a cute vintage suitcase.

I painted a couple of these ladders with the thought of selling them, but I ended up needing them to display on! I buy these at estate sales if they are cheap enough. I just put a couple same sized ones next to each other (rungs facing)  and slide painted boards between the rungs for shelves..and they fold flat and fit in the minivan great! This little one I just used as is. You can also use one sideways and slide a couple 4 foot boards in where the rungs and braces are at the same height ( or add braces that ARE the same height as the rungs) as a one piece display. Don't put really heavy things on the ends or if you take something off the other side, you will have a seesaw that is not good for breakables!

                    This guy went home with somebody..I figured he would!

Some "pretties". The Victorian glass butterdish and large lidded compote sold which surprised me. Usually I cannot GIVE Victorian pressed patterned glass away and I price them basically what you might get a new piece of glass for..or LESS! I think they are pretty, but not a hot mover for me..they are so much nicer than new things though! That long pretty relish sold too and a couple other things that Ed sold while I was out walking around looking at others booths. That note was one a dealer left for me when I got there that morning (we set up on Friday) She had put a couple things under the table to buy! Cool and a bit creepy that people were poking around in my booth before I got there! I guess I could cover things, but I always end up breaking something that way!

A bowl full of cool vintage sequinned fruit..probably headed to Etsy.

I had a lot of white Fenton and Westmoreland that just disappeared on my white tablecloths, so I used this cool vintage red and white runner and they showed up much better! The Hazel Atlas ivy bowls sold as did several pieces of the white Fenton  hobnail. These were all pieces from our Ohio trip.The red runner sold too!

  They did look nice together! I had several pieces of depression glass..only sold a couple even though they are priced LOW. They are going to my local booth..depression glass still sells there if I price it reasonably!

All of this mid century stuff was from Ohio (except the anodized aluminum) That was in really excellent condition. A mother over rode all her daughter who wanted them's protestations and told her JUST GET THEM!

Some vintage Hull pottery.....

A pink Fenton vase (sold) a Victorian lidded milkglass dish and some pink depression glass and Fire King cups and saucers.

This McKee jadeite spice shaker sold..

The headvase is Shawnee..I have 2 more in different colors. The green thing is a depression glass ashtray with a matchbook holder.

The big girl is a Gonder piece. She will be going to my booth. I can see her holding necklaces or bracelets! I love the Pink McCoy tulip vase in the background. The yellow teapot is Hall China and the red/orange one is a mystery piece. Peachluster Fire King also in the background.

The "Moroccan Amethyst" candy dish sold as did the low long Shawnee console bowl in the front. The lime vase is Shawnee, the large jardiniere is Hull and the yellow flower pot is Coronet. The forest green "rocket" vase is Anchor Hocking and the orange stretch glass vase is of unknown "parentage". I bought this rack at Freds (dollar store) for $20. It is a TV stand but I knew it would look good holding Mid Century pottery! I figured I would use it at quite a few shows and get my money's worth out of it!

A luster fawn topped powder jar, a McCoy arceture vase and a grey Gonder vase. The candleholder is unmarked, but someone told me they though it was an old McCoy piece too..need to find my other McCoy book! It has a factory nick (glazed over) so not that  precious I would think.

More McCoy and Shawnee..the elephant planter is too cool and coming to Etsy. The mid century lamps are fab too. I hate shipping lamps so they will probably go to my booth.

A plethora of Shawnee lampbases (and one lamp) I think these are just so cute!

We had a boxful of vintage rusty and china doorknobs..sold some. I felt we did pretty good at this show. The traffic was not as much as I wished (but what I expected for a new show) BUT the buyer to looker ratio was great for us..more buyers than just lookers! Next month we plan to have a whole new boothful..probably more springy/garden and industrial architectural things.Hope you are having a great week..the trees are budding and daffodils are blooming in East TN! Til next time! Julia

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paper flowers and new old things!

 Hi guys! I finished the paper flowers from my last post. I really like how they turned out.

 I like frankly fake flowers..part Dr. Seuss but with a girly that never fade. I used some yummy scrapbook paper, vintage ledger cards, and vintage French to English dictionary text.

 I raided my special vintage button jar. Some had rhinestone centers and some I added crystal bling to. Some got glitter and some I felt didn't need it (gasp!)

 Pinks, blues and yellows. I added white floral tape to the stems because it felt "right".

 I have been raiding the shed for things we have bought in the last couple months that got shuffled out there. These are 3 fab cast iron clawfoot tub feet. I love their patina..shabby painted and rusty. Just so interesting!

We have quite a few old architectural pieces..I buy these when I can! This is a bracket off of an old Victorian house.

 This is a fab huge column capital or base. The column would have sat between the scrolly feet, but now is is a fabulous pedestal stand. A 12 x 12 marble floor tile would fit on the top for a more "finished" surface, or it is fab as is. I can see this holding a big glass cloche or a striking art piece.

These I made but haven't got them listed yet.They are antique aqua medicine bottles that I added old brass hardware to. I covered the bolt holes with vintage brass buttons.

 This was a wonderful piece I found in "the barn". It is the front of an antique cast iron andiron that would have been used in the fireplace. It is flat backed and wonderful! I looked for its mate to no avail!

 I got a bunch of these last weekend. They are old trophy tops. This one was so bizarre..not sure if it a bowling one that melted, or some odd "trick bowling" trophy..either way too funny! These are great to spray paint and glitter to make upcycled trophies..."Most On The Ball" ? "Most Able To Always Pull It Out Of Your ... " ???

 I got a couple of these old wicker covered bottles. This one is a gallon size of rum. I am leaving the labels on so the buyer can remove if they want.

 An aqua cork topped graphics...

 ..or just turn the label to the back!

 I got scads of old wooden thread spools in different sizes. I usually sort them to color families because I am "that way". I saved the empty ones back for some projects..or if I have no time, to sell later.

 I got this Kathe Kruse vintage celluloid doll for not much and then discovered that the shoulder plate was splitting..the tension of her neck cord has slowly pulled her neck into her shoulder plate..still cute! Kathe Kruse dolls are so unique and wonderful.

 I dug these out of the shed and I think there are more out there...I need to go dig further! I am a sucker for crusty and rusty. These would be cool framed or altered.

 I got several old pieces of carnival chalkware on our Ohio trip. These would have been "prizes" at a fair or carnival booth. Too cool.

 I got this antique tin toleware box at an estate sale. It is coming unsoldered at the front bottom, but that is an issue that can be fixed. I like old metal pieces. I liked the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a kid (and still do) and I remember in Farmer Boy her talking about the tin peddler... I think that would have been a cool occupation!

I got 2 of these vintage pottery vases in Ohio. This blue one and one in cream. I have never seen any like these. There was a LOT of Ohio pottery at that sale..not sure what this is. There is a raised rectangular mark on the bottom that looks like it would have been lettered, but it is too blurry to make out. I have never seen a raised rectangular mark like that soooo...???? They have a lovely satin glaze.

 I got a few pieces of antique ironstone. This tureen has a lion, crown and unicorn on the handles and has raised rose, shamrock and thistle motifs surrounding the handles... England, Ireland and Scotland? It is marked Powell and Bishop.

This one was unmarked but still cool. I love these to heap with anything..vintage Christmas ornaments, sequined fruit, vintage buttons, roses, chocolates.....ummm... These and the vases are all on EBay right now (before I change my mind and keep them!) 

 This is an antique wooden wall pocket. It is Eastlake cottage Victorian style..less fussy than high Victorian and more "farmhouse". It probably held taper candles or things you wanted up and away from little people. It is missing one point on the back, but still charming.

 I am usually not a Haeger pottery fan, but these are mid century cool candleholders..a great shape and would look so cool with black or striped candles!

 This is my Grandpa Francis as a baby.. those bright blue eyes have passed down to my mom and a couple grandkids..brown eyes rule in our gene pool even though there were more blue eyed ancestors! These are some more pin style flower frogs..great to display old photos like these.

I shipped this pink little duck out to a new home this week. I bought several old plastic baby toys. I like the colors of the old plastic toys..corally pink, eggy yellow, red orange, kelly green and "dutch" blue..such happy colors! I will be spending the week listing and sorting boxes of things from our Ohio trip. I have an antique show coming up in Knoxville next weekend. Knoxville Trade Days is a brand new monthly show and there is a lot of buzz and excitement. ( I believe they have a Facebook page) Hope you have a great week and stop on back and see what I have been up to! 'Til next time! Julia