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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cute and Creepy vintage doll heads

 EEK! Hi guys! I dug some more heads out of the boxes today (is it me or does that sound bad?lol) Some I think are cute and some are creepy as hell. This one above is in the later category for me!

 This one is sweet..she has crazy poofy hair but nice skin!

 An eyeless Patsy or Patsy type head. I think this would be cool with a mini LED battery tea lite inside!

  I think this one was a Horsman..she bridges creepy and sweet.

 OK..ol' dead eyes is creepy as hell!

 Sweet..I think she formerly had a wig.

 This shabby sweet baby is marked Hug Me Kiddie Pals. He/she has tin eyes.

 OK..Creepy but I love this crazy ass one. My hair has looked like this in the morning! A gal after my own heart..not literally I hope...

 This is a sweet one..bald and beautiful..I have sold a couple of the larger ones for "display" mannequins.

 ..pushing the creepy envelope....

 Medusa! Her hair is even better from other angles.

 Ok..don't let her smile fool you..creepy!

 It is all in her wacked out eyes!

Bad hair day but sweet. Bad forehead day too as she has a big old dent!

                                               Worse hair day..

 Another bald and beautiful large girl. Her head is tilt-able.

 OK..I find this old Century Doll Co doll so strangely beautiful she is going to stay with me for awhile. She may end up an angel. She is marked 1924.

 A couple dolls headed for Ebay..this one is a Sun Rubber Company baby. If perfect, quite pricey..but of course 2 fingertips are missing.

 Another unmarked Patsy type with tin eyes. Sweet face!

 A vintage composition Shirley. Don't know if the outfit is original, it is vintage. The socks and shoes are vintage but newer than she is.

And back to creepy! This stuffed Santa is enough to give you nightmares! But creepy sells so off he goes. I have literally only gotten into one layer of doll boxes. Stop back and see what else I find. Comments loved,followers adored! 'Til next time! Julia

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