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Thursday, August 27, 2015

New from the studio vintage clock face ornaments

 Hi guys! Now my weekend show is done, I am back in the studio. I wanted to share The vintage flower globe that I upcycled. These are faux those little suckers are expensive! The deer is from my grandson's "left behinds". There has been a bottom drawer in my kitchen that has been designated "the Pla-doh drawer" for 25 years or more. With Hunter moving there was nobody playing Pla-doh anymore. I asked his momma if she wanted the contents and she said no. I sorted and tossed some things...then bagged the "good stuff" back up and put it back in the drawer! I just could not throw it away! When I re-do the kitchen I will take it up to the thrift store to donate. Sometimes I think kids growing up is hardest on the moms!

                                                 He looks pretty cute in there!

I was working on clock face ornaments and wanted something different for the focal in the center. I had used vintage buttons, brass and mother of pearl, but my supply was dwindling and I had 60+ ornaments to finish! I had these cardboard bingo markers laying around. I decided to add German glass glitter and I like how they turned out! I used the "grey" side up so if it peeked through it would blend with the glitter.

                                                           They worked out well!

 The backs are French text from a vintage French book I got at the show this weekend.

 The fronts are color copies of vintage and antique clock faces I have collected over the years.

                        The stains and wear are part of the original clock faces.

                                        The hands are part of the photo.

The centers are smaller clock faces and the glittered bingo marker. The edges are glittered studio floor is quite the glitterpalooza! Lots to list and do this weekend and my last baby will be turning into an official teenager..yikes! Hope you have a great weekend! Comments loved, followers adored! Til next time! Julia

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mary ann said...

these are so beautiful!!!!!!!!keep up the good work =)

mary ann