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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vintage Christmas ornaments,Velvet millinery rose pins and Ghostly Occurrences

Hi guys! I was busy today taking photos of vintage Christmas ornaments, rose pins that I made last night and some old hardware..I took pix and listed some things this morning.I also have a ghost story to share at the end of this post!
 I love old shabby Christmas ornaments! They remind me of Christmases of my childhood. My mom always picked real trees then..usually somehow crooked. One year we had to tie it to the window handle to keep it upright! (she has since switched to artificial). I remember laying on my back snuggled in with the presents looking up through the tree and picking out my favorite ornaments...always the bright pink indented ones!

I have a soft spot for Shiny Brites..which most of these are. They just look so fab on the tree or as here..piled in my old silver plated wine cooler. I love this piece. In the summer it holds old baseballs and softballs!

 I have 2 vintage glass tree toppers to list. They were both marked West Germany on their boxes. I saw a lady once who had collected these and displayed them on a board that had lots of dowels attached. She surrounded them with ornaments and mercury glass beads garlands. They looked like a Dr. Seuss forest! Sooo cool! The other topper I have is an indented one.

 The ornaments with the narrow caps are usually European..German or West German, Poland or Czechoslovakian. Sometimes you see a Japan one. The ribbed , scalloped caps are usually Shiny American bulb. Some are stenciled and some have mica glitter.

During WW2, every piece of metal went to the war effort, so from those years you see unsilvered balls..usually striped (to add interest and make up for the lack of silvering).They even had cardboard caps or metal! Some of these were put out by Corning..the makers of lab glass and Pyrex.

          Did I mention I have a soft spot for pink?? The hand painted balls are generally European too.

 It is always fun to see an odd shape like the cupcake shaped one bottom center.I collect these all year to sell and I have a lot more to sort and list!

This was an old lock I got at the Estate sale  Friday morning..I am a sucker for heart shaped things! Rusty and crusty is a plus!

This was an odd door handle. I wish there was 2, but one is cool to put on an old primitive cabinet.

                             These are the flower pins I made last night.They come in several colors.

                   I love the way these velvet roses look..they have a vintage millinery feel.

                                 I added a fringed net rosette to the back and a pinback.

 You could use these to wear ( lapel, scarf, hat, headband, tote) or for home on a pillow, lampshade or pin on a ribbon and tie where you want it..on a package or vase..or all of the above!

 Or this would look pretty on a cottage style Christmas can unpin and use elsewhere later!

I have an eye on some vintage plaid and tweed woolen in my fabric stash for totes. The dark ones would look nice against that "gentleman-ly" fabric..hmmmmmmmm.

Now for the ghostly encounter...
 After we got my son from school and went to the PO, I went up and tore my booths at the antique mall apart and re-arranged a bit..ok..a LOT! Moving things, bringing in new and marking down or taking out old things keeps your booth fresh and interesting and as my best vendor in my former antique mall said, "Instills a sense of urgency to regular customers..maybe it won't BE here next week!" I flip flopped furniture and took some pieces in and a couple out. I moved a couple racks and redid a couple displays. I need to get back in there and mark things down that have been there awhile and rearrange the shelves I didn't get to. It was so HOT today! I had sweat running off my face while I was re-arranging the booth. Next time I take a fan with me! Probably because I haven't been exercising much lately. 
 While I was working, my son Jack was in the booth helping me. All of a sudden in the booth across the aisle (which nobody was in) a old metronome just started loudly ticking away! There was a customer in the next booth and I asked him, "Did you do that?" and he said "I thought YOU did!" My son said, "It was the ghost!" The antique mall I am in is supposedly haunted. I have never seen "Charlie" but several people ..employees and customers.. swear they have! There was supposedly a hobo found dead on the train that runs through town during the Depression. The town elders were afraid that the town would get quarantined for smallpox (which they were afraid it maybe was) so they buried him in a small courtyard between the then hardware store (now antique mall) and the pharmacy next door. The only entrance to the small courtyard was through a secret door in the pharmacy and only visible if you were on one of the roofs and looking down. Now people keep seeing an older guy in bib overalls who is there..and then instantly ...not. Creeeeeepy! Of course someone could have been in the booth earlier fiddling with the metronome and it may have just somehow jiggled loose and took off...yeah....that's it! LOL Maybe Charlie was getting me ready for the Halloween season! 

Hope you all have a safe blessed baby turns 11 tomorrow and I will be taking several 10-11 year old boys bowling and to the park for cake, ice cream and pizza..hope it doesn't rain or we may just be at Pizza Hut! 'Til next time! Julia

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Gathering Show

Hi guys! I did The Gathering Show in Knoxville this Friday and Saturday. It was ok..not as good as some previous shows I have done there. The attendance was lower than normal. I did sell stuff and luckily had a great weekend on Ebay and Etsy so that made me feel a bit better! I like doing this show, the other dealers are great.I packed up Thursday night with Ed's much as I could get in the minivan. I didn't take my tent and I took different inventory this time..less girly more farmy. On the way to the show I stopped at an estate sale in Knoxville. When the ad said "no parking" they meant it..I had to park 4 blocks away and it was an uphill climb! That seriously had me thinking about what I planned to buy and tote back to the van! I got a few things I will point out later. There was quite a few people there and I was 23 in line with lots more people coming after me. When we went inside, it was like a descent of locusts! People were snatching things left and time for pondering!I got my few things and hiked back to the van, praying it hadn't been ticketed or towed..with all my show inventory..and my cell phone. Luckily it was where I left it!

 I had asked my husband the night before, "It the dolley in the van?" He SAYS he thought I said "Is it in the shed" so he answered yes. So I got to the show with no dolley/cart. Luckily I had brought an old industrial cart to sell, and it hauled in my stuff ..albeit in smaller a champ! This was my area after I just dropped stuff off and put up a couple folding tables. If you do shows, those plastic folding tables are almost a handy! My usual show neighbor Albert always gives me guff, "When is Ed showing up?" (he's at work when I set up) I say, "As soon as everything is in place!"

 This was really a basic set up for me..the vintage suitcase holds vintage aprons. I usually go more all out on set  up!

 Metal totes..I sold all the sage green ones and the tackle box. I thought the big red tool box would sell but nope. It is metal over wood and used to hold saws. It should go at the Clinton show. I got the painting that morning too.It is oil on board and fabulously naieve/folky. It was marked 1929 I believe. It will be in my online shop eventually.

 A primitive table and a really cool quilt. The entire back is matched floral feedsack. The front is patchworks of firework looking fabrics in red, black and blue...unused and very cool! That is a big wire tote underneath.

 I got this primitive child's chair at the sale that morning. I hadn't even got set up yet when one of the other dealers (not one of the great ones asked "how much"..I said $45. He said I'll give you $25 for it! Umm NO..I haven't even got my tables up yet! It sold in the first hour of the sale. I hate haggling..I price my stuff pretty much my best price. I hate marking it up to discount it..that seems so stupid. I will do better if people are buying a few things or offer a reasonable amount. Sometimes if I have had something a while I am more inclined to discount it. You can sort of see a primitive long baby dress hanging off the side. That was also a morning purchase. It was 1800's brown calico and sold was sweet!

  I got these next 2 also at the morning sale..this was a long button front gown of eyelet type lace..

 And this was a shabby wool baby coat..both sold. I know what to keep an eye out for!

 I also got this old wooden tool box that morning.It was an estate of a former antiques dealer. This had a $75 price tag in my booth! They also referred to this as blue paint..looks grey to me! It IS a cool tool box and it is stenciled inside with the former owner's name and address (Ohio). I put $22 on it and it didn't sell at that! I'm not worried is a nice box and will sell elsewhere at that price.

This is a coooool Shaw Walker office chair we have. They sell for a LOT online, but I do not ship big things. It has brushed metal legs and arms and nice wood (teak? walnut?) arm rests. There is one small split in the vinyl. I was asking $75 but no takers. It may just stay with me!

 Bad photo..these are old metal cream with lid. These are low pour in the milk and the cream rises to the top. There are skinny windows in the side. When it is ready, you turn on the spigot at the bottom and let out the skimmed milk, shut it off when it gets to the cream, switch buckets and drain the cream. These both sold.

 Some super heavy old milk crates (mid century) with wire dividers, print blocks and wire baskets. The "table" is an old cream separator stand (different type) with a big old saw blade sitting on top. I would add a glass round to cover the points for safety, but it makes an awesome small end table! These are glass flower frogs sitting on top.

 Some old hardware store drawers. They were stenciled "Ca're" and had screw/bolt sizes on them..sold.

 A neat old wooden trunk and a bunch of old linens..barkcloth drapes and bedspreads. I sold a few linens, but not many. I have some old white Matelasse Bates bedspreads that are going in my pile to be cut for totes, pillows etc..or maybe they will end up a slipcover for something of mine. $20 for a vintage white matelasse spread seems to be as low as I care to mark something!

This is a vintage roulette wheel. I was thinking "cool tabletop" but my grandson Hunter pointed out "That would make a good clock , Nina!" Out of the mouth of babes! The feedsacks are ones from SD..great graphics..they are WW2 era. Sold a couple of these.

 This is the industrial cart I hauled all my stuff in on.It didn't sell, but I wasn't sad! It folds flat (ish).

 2 old school maps that I had marked $20 and didn't sell. They are is Brazil and one South America...everyone wants US maps here though!

 A shabby antique dress (sold) This was the first time I showed this. The silk behind the lace had shattered and the lace was fragile. I priced it $25. It is 3 piece..there is an under skirt. Definitely display only! It is Gibson girl era (1900-10) with a "pigeon breast" front. I still have the corset, petticoat and lace sleeved under shirt that came with this. They are getting washed and going online. I think this was probably a wedding dress. It also had some shattered net gloves and was all together in an old leather suitcase.

  A Mid Century glass topped table. The glass has sort of marbled paper backing..I'd like to remove and replace with something more Marimekko or Amy Butler! This actually folds flat. I sold the fab old purple bottle.

 Some of my assembled pieces that didn't sell for $8! The old frame is worth $8! You have to have thick skin sometimes! LOL

 When we had the store, we sold quite a bit of depression glassware. It has really taken a beating pricewise lately and will probably get worse as all the older people with the big collections of it liquidate their collections. I think it is pretty and I am assuming the truly rare pieces will hold their value somewhat, but the more common pieces will be a steal.That will be a shame for those thinking their collections would bring them lots of $ but good for the new collectors. I couldn't sell these 2 block optic sherberts for $5 for the pair!

 This used to have a heart shaped lock on it on that empty nail above the photo, but someone at my last show stole it! (lovely) I found a new old one and will replace it and this will probably go online.

  A couple more assembled pieces..

 I love pretty rosy serving bowls..I think this one was $8..these used to sell as soon as you set them out!

 I did do a bit of shopping. I got this wonderful feedsack that is heading to Ebay.

 and a couple fab doll dresses that are now in my Etsy vintage shop. This one is made of turn of the century (or older)  men's shirting fabric..sweet!

And this one has lace marked IHS which stands for Iesus Hominum Salvator in Latin which means Jesus Savior of Man. I am assuming this lace was meant for altar cloths. The underneath is gold satin and I believe silk...very unusual!

This was the gorgeous opaline sky on the way home Friday night. On Saturday night, our grandson Hunter was riding up front with me as the back seats were removed and full of stuff. He was playing with my arm as I drove. "Nina..why is your arm so FLAPPY?"  Good Lord! I told him because I need to lift weights and he informed me, "We have some of those at the house!" My own personal trainer! Of course I had to squeeze my arm to see what he was talking about...AKKK! I suppose compared to his momma's skinny 22 year old arms, mine are "flappy"! No more riding up front for him! LOL. Hope you have a great week! 'Til next time! Julia

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rainy day

Rain, rain, rain...I swear this is the wettest summer in the 25 years we have lived in Tennessee.
I think it has rained every other day at least all summer! My garden was a wash out. On the days it isn't raining, it is a today.
This was last night. Today we are loading the van for The Gathering show in Knoxville tomorrow...whew! This time I am bringing on the industrial stuff..hope it sells! I plan to  take pix ..if I remember my camera! 'Til next time! Julia

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Foggy morning

 Just a few pix today..
 It was foggy this morning when I took my son to school, so I took a couple photos on the way home.

My neighbor's birdhouse. He has bluebirds at his house. They are so cute! I occasionally see them up the hill here..maybe I need to be more hospitable and put out some houses!

I didn't have the best luck with my spiderweb pix...

 This was going up my driveway..I liked the sunbeams and how the rising sun is glowing beyond the trees. As I have said, I'm not much of a morning person..but if it is this pretty in the morning maybe I need to get up earlier......maybe... Hope you have a blessed day! 'Til next time! Julia

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vintage style mannequin heads part 2

Hi guys! I got the paint on my latest batch of mannequin heads. This is my first attempt at man mannequins..

I like how they are turning out. The one on the left ended up looking a bit like our former priest Father Michael (except I don't think he had green eyes) so he will probably be christened Michael.(Now that he is on here he looks a bit like Tom maybe Thomas!) The dark haired dude got a bit thicker brows so he will be Colin in honor of Colin Farrell.

I did 3 different ladies...

She has cherry cola brown hair and green eyes...she looks like a Rita.

This one I did "natural" make  up and may still add a low "bun" in back.I want her to be an even older style, like an old general store mannequin.. I may name her Caroline in honor of Caroline Ingalls. I think she will get more antique-ing and maybe a bit of crackle finish.

I'm not sure about the blonde hair..she may get a haircolor change..or not. Sometimes I just have to get used to them a bit.

I like the texture. Her name will come to me when I decide she is done. They all need bases yet and sealing and antique-ing.

This guy was a special order and he is ready to be listed and sent to his new home. The customer already has one of my "girls" so he will not be lonely! I went to a good estate sale yesterday morning and have spent the last 2 days taking photos. Lots of new vintage Christmas items will be heading to my shop! This coming weekend, I have an antique show (The Gathering Show in Knoxville, TN ), so I will be spending this week picking and sorting and tote-ing things up to load. My husband Ed told me not to go overboard "as usual". Hmmm..we shall see! I hope you have a great week! 'Til next time! Julia