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Monday, May 2, 2016

Estate Sales , upcycled bedspring flowers and wedding flowers

 I'm still alive! Long gap since my last post. I have been busy..doing what I am not quite sure! This Saturday morning Ed and I went to an estate sale. It was a bit dark when we hit the road. I think that white line is a firefly..I saw my first ones last week! I am not a morning person, but with estate sales, if you are not an hour early you are late!

 This one was about 45 miles way so it lightened up on the way.

 We filled up the Explorer. The wooden things are vintage wooden tulip bulb trays. They had cool slatted bottoms and were just too cool to pass up. The lady running the sale said she had added shelves to some and made wall units..hmmm...

 I got this vintage the hen. It is double sided so it will make a couple pillows.

 I got a few printed feedsacks too.

 and one awesome silk quilt square.

 I got several antique store ledgers from the 1870s-1890s from Old Bridge New Jersey. How they ended up in Tennessee, I'm not quite sure.

Love the pen and ink notations!

 I got a 1853 Godey's Lady Book that I just realized I haven't gone through yet. Godey's was a ladies magazine and this is a leather bound edition of the 1853's issues. Ma Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie used to read Godey's.  (Says the Laura Ingalls Wilder nerd)

 A fun flower frog. These come in so many different styles and are a fun collectible.

 2 sweet pincushion chairs that I couldn't pass up.Also got some ceiling tins, a wrought iron tea cart, an antique cow lithograph and a Victorian frame and 2 industrial things I am sale!

 I've been listing antique hardware in Ed's etsy shop  These were huge and awesome.. very octopussy (and not in a James Bond film way).

 What I was working on in the studio this week. I had these old springs and wanted a way to upcycle them. I added antique hardware centers.

 Some have leaves from the ledgers I got on Saturday..

Some have vintage bingo card leaves..

This one has antique dictionary text  leaves. They turned out like I imagined in my head which is always a plus. It is a bit of a puzzle getting it from an idea to actuality though.

The living room is filling up with silk flowers for our daughter Hope's wedding next month. She graduated from Indiana University's Optometry program this weekend..Dr. Marlow for a month before getting married! Stay tuned as I will be sharing the floral arrangements I make for her. Til next time! Julia