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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer wrap up Mixed media, garden and more I have been up to

 Hi guys! I have fallen head over heels into Instagram and my blog has be ignored this summer. SO a catch up! I played with my camera phone this summer. I did some manual layering of transparencies

 of vintage and antique photos from my stash and outdoor "backgrounds".

 Some I manually "matted" with what I think were old lawnmower gaskets..I never use anything as intended!

 School has started and my "baby" is an 8th grader this year. It gets me out of the house earlier and I caught this foggy morning shot of the neighbor's old barn taking him to school one morning.

I stalked a few butterflies on my buddleia (nicknamed butterfly bush for a good reason) This is a spicebush swallowtail.

Yellow swallowtail...
 There has been a black and blue  limenitis arthemis  taunting me on the deck the last couple mornings. He won't let me get a pic though..and I have no clue why my font changed

  A bee on the echinacea in my flowerbed. The bees were busy this summer.

 My magnolia tree had a lot of beautiful blossoms. They have a heavy green floral scent, but brown quickly if you pick them.

 Morning annual you have to only plant once and you have it reseeding forever!

 Some overtaking one of my shabby metal lawnchairs..

  A couple vintage bears I  got estate sale-ing. They both sold to the same person..still together!

 I caught a couple "heart signs" from my baby in heaven. He likes to "send" me random hearts..

 This one was in my iced tea!

 I spent some time snoozing with my crack staff Annie and Daisy..

 My pears are bowing the tree..

 My tomatoes were great..the rest of my garden mostly disastrous!

 My apples just started producing this year but the birds took most of them..and ALL of the cherries!

 I found this girl estate sale-ing still sewn into her box in a dusty barn loft,

 I released her and repainted her and used her in a mixed media piece..never too late to shine!

 Ed brought me a box of old clock parts to play with next!

 A visitor to my garden..

 With the wedding in June we didn't go to SD in July. I have had these lilies planted for years but this is only the second time I actually got to see them bloom! They are usually buds when we leave and done when we get home!

 The creepy barn loft I climbed into estate sale-ing..oh the places we will go!

 I've dug out some of my cigar boxes of goodies to play with..sparkly bits..

 Vintage hardware and buttons and buckles....

 A mixed media angel I made  from vintage bits and a paper clay head.

And on we go into the fall! Follow me on Instagram at hopeandjoyhome I try to post content daily. Hope you all had a great summer too! Til next time, Julia