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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flowers Blooms and Blossoms..

Hi guys! Today I am sharing some of the flowers from my garden. This is the only way most of my sisters (there are 6 of us and I am the oldest) get to see my "garden"! The first couple are hollyhocks. These came from seeds from my mom and dad's house. They seem to grow much better there in SD than here in TN. I have some sort of bug that munches them here.

These remind me of strawberries and cream!

Dahlias..I am not a huge dahlia fan as I am partial to scented flowers, but I did see some gorgeous pink ones on Pinterest that I will have to track down! (Again..if you are new to my blog, I have an exclamation point addiction..!!!!)

This is Queen Anne's Lace. This is actually a wildflower/weed here, but if it springs up in my flower bed I generally leave it. I edited this in Picasa with the "1960's" effect.. I like playing with photos there!

Hydrangea..I believe this was Nikko Blue. Not scented but such a beautiful blue!

This bush is about 5 years old and it is 8 foot across now. My husband threatens to hack it down since it sits directly in front of his TV satellite dish and it tends to spread in and block his signal..especially when it rains. I have pruned it a bit but I may have to trim a bit more..I just hate cutting off those gorgeous flowers!

Morning Glory. I love how in this pic, the sun was shining through the white center in the back and it looks like it is glowing! I like these because they are easy to grow and low maintenence and even though they are an annual, they usually reseed themselves. I love roses but have the worst time trying to grow them in the humidity of East spot heaven! I keep trying though!

I have 3 of these old zinc galvanized chicken waterers that I use as planters and I love them!

Our new grapes I planted this spring. I use old rake, spade and shovel heads that have broken or missing handles as garden "art". The gate is from my dad's farm junk pile. These line my "arbor". Gates on one side and 2 rusty iron headboards on the other. Yay for garden junk!

Last pic. These are the 3 new cherry trees I just planted. I was in Walmart getting paint for my bathroom and ended up with 3 cherry and an apple tree in a "half off the half off price" sale. These were $6 and the Gala apple was $5. I already had to spray them as apparently Japanese Beetles think cherry trees are tasty!Thanks for stopping by! Til next time! Julia

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sock Folding 101

The laundry room used to be the bane of my existence..or one of my banes.. I'd wash and dry and pull out clothes and toss them in baskets to fold "when I had a minute" or "later". My people would also occasionally wash a load and fling the dry clothes willy-nilly onto the floor..Grrrrrr..My laundry room  looked like an archeological dig site! "Here ladies and gentlemen is the sock layer covered by the jeans layer and topped off by the towels layer..note the strata pattern." *SIGH* Then I would get a minute to fold and get in there and fold for an hour..all the while grumbling to myself about my horrible lazy "people". I would really get so grumpy,"Why am I here folding everybody else's clothes? Just because I am the MOM? This stinks!" *Grumbly mumbly*

Then a funny thing happened..well sort of funny and sort of not and really it was 2 things. First I enstated a house rule of,"If you take it out of the dryer, you fold it!" That immediately insured nobody ever taking anything out of the dryer ever again! I also started praying while I folded. First it was sort of to keep my mind off of my lunkhead "people" but it dropped my stress level immediately! Then I started praying for people in my life and problems they may be going through.

Then I started looking around and saying prayers of thanks.."Thank you for my family who wears all these clothes..thanks for my husband's job that neccesitates these work uniforms..thank you for my new washer and dryer..thank you for water and electricity..thank you that we can afford detergent to wash these clothes".

 I go into automatic Mom mode usually knowing in a glance who's clothes are who's(My husband would be totally clueless) daughter has her specific college logo, tiny sexy panties,work scrubs, lots of pink..the other has her college logo,sporty panties,skinny size S clothes, waitress clothes..wilder colors and no pink...the 9 yr old's clothes.. the 3 yr olds clothes.. my husband's clothes..bath towels, sheets and kitchen towels..all sorted and stacked in the hopes they will collect their "piles" and take them to their room. When they tip over I take them to their room and put them on their bed for them to deal with. The socks go in a basket and are still pretty much a crap shoot. I do fold them when I am feeling magnanimous...or the basket gets full!

I sort of dread the day when I am just folding for my husband and myself. I am sure it will be here before I know it! Maybe now I need to start praying for them to pitch in. I do enjoy hanging sheets on the line and even towels although my "people" grumble about the crunchiness of the towels, I just love the smell! These pics are of pretty things I have had for sale previously..I love the pink and frilly. So this has been my rambling post about sock folding..or the lack there-of..just don't get me started on Martha Stewart and her "How to properly fold a fitted sheet"!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures in Estate Sale-ing

Hi guys! I am going to share some pics of some things I got while out estate sale-ing this Friday. My partner in crime and "toter" was my 9 yr old son Jaxon. He is out of school for the summer. My 3 yr old grandson Hunter was taken to his other Gramma's house as his mom has a summer job as a teacher's assistant at her college in the chem department. He is HORRIBLE at estate sales unless my husband is there too. I was happy to have Jack's company. He is a nonstop "yammerer" and it was actually enjoyable to discuss such varied topics as what he read in the Guiness Book of World Records book, his baseball team/skills, WWF wrestling and various 9 year old boy topics which usually somehow involve farts or farting! LOL. We drove an hour and got there an hour early and still were number 42. (They hand out line place numbers like a deli) The skuttlebutt was that Number 1 was there at 3am and got his number at 5:30...I am not quiiiiite that dedicated! It is nice to have a "toter" at sales. Usually it is my husband. They let you make a "pile" out by the registers outside, so Jack kept hauling and piling for me saving me time and from missing out on goodies.

I got this group of vintage folky souvenier type dolls. I thought they were interesting and cute in a vintage way. They went to my booth to hang out.

This metal lidded bowl is a dough raising bowl. I have had  3-4 of these over the years. I like that they are a cool large bowl..great to fill with a collection..yarn balls..baseballs...buttons??That would take a bunch as this is a big bowl! Still usable as a place to raise your bread dough..maybe it would help my Ellie Mae Clampett loaves!

I got a few pieces of English brown transferware ironstone. I think the saucers would make great "frames" with a sepia toned photo added to the center!

I got this mirror last week..I got the Victorian style picture hanger (the gold tassley thingie) this week. The medallion clips on picture hanging moulding rail and the covered wire and tassel are for decoration(and hanging).
This had a "birdsfoot" but it was so pretty (and cheap) I couldn't pass it up!It is a cake or sandwich plate..add a paper doily and nobody would be the wiser. I am a sucker for pink roses!

Vintage floral hats..not listed yet.

I got a bunch of vintage aprons. Whilst I was in the gargage, squatched down (it's a word..or should be) digging through a big box of them, Jack came up behind me and loudly whispered, "Mom, you've got a problem!" As I am not a newcomer to the joys of wearing the lower rise pants, I said, "Underwear problem or crack problem?" Alas..he answered "Crack problem". So I told him to stand directly behind me and defend my honor and block the free show. As neither of us can whisper worth a darn everyone in the garage heard what the "to-do" was about and congratulated Jack on being such a good son and gentleman! LOL

                                                 I think these will end up in my Etsy shop.

APRONS!!! Some had some spots that seemed to be more of the storage spot variety. Some were spotless and most seemed if they were sewn and stored in a drawer!

There were 1/2 aprons and bib front aprons. I should have probably bought more!

OK..just a photo totally out of sequence because I can't figure out how to edit the order easily. This was a small ironstone platter that went to my booth and one of my handpainted tables and some of my clockface ornaments.

This apron was vintage and SO Etsy! It is a bib front but had a tiny storage spot I want to get out before looked unworn!

I got these 2 1/2 pint aqua mason jars. These are the bicentennial issue (they re-released these in 1976-ish and they have an eagle medallion on the other side. Original vintage antique 1/2 pint blue Mason jars are usually around $100-$125 each. These sell for $15 each on Ebay...didn't know that when I bought them, but I figured their price was a good one!(I knew they were bicentennial..just didn't know they were worth $15!)
I got a drawer full of old trim, lace, scissors etc. This cute batch is going in my Etsy shop!
A vintage Vera scarf with original price tag still attached..score! I also got another Vera and this silk Schiaporelli..not sure which way these are going yet. This is a cute 1910's-20's button card w/ glass buttons. I also got 2 jars of loose vintage buttons. Some are going in my stash, some are going in my Etsy shop and some are going in my booth. The little square dish is an English brown transferware ironstone butterpat. Darling but a single! At the back is just one of the cutest Japan pincushions I've seen. It is a spinning globe. It is missing a couple rhinestones on the base but I love it. I may keep it or it is going to Etsy.

I got 2 vintage tablecloths. The yellow tulip one is huge! They had more but they were priced out of my re-selling price range.

I got a huge batch of cute vintage baby clothes. They need to be washed and ironed.

Several cute christening type pink.

Adorable baby boy shirts. I may end up making several of these into idea that has been rambling in my brain for a while..perfect for child's room or laundry room!

Poor pitiful crazy curly Shirley! Her dress is faded and her skin is crackled but she is still smiling! This is a large Ideal doll. She will probably end up in my Etsy shop..just keeping her around a bit to creep out my kids! Some dolls ARE creepy, but she doesn't scare clowns.... *shudder*.

Last pic..this was my favorite bright and 60's! I could totally see sporting this at a home cocktail party complete with black capris and high heeled mules, passing out martinis and canapes! Until next time darlings! Julia

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

April showers May flowers

Hi guys! I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted! I have been crazy busy! I kept thinking I was going to get some pics taken to put on here but life has been flying past me! These pics are actually of a vintage paper clothespin wreath I made last month. I love these aqua and cream ones. I want to do an all white one and a pink and white one next..when I get a minute!The above flowers were made from vintage and antique sheet music, Jane Austen Pride and Predudice pages and a new paper I tried this time, lacey paper doilies. I love how those turned out! The centers are vintage buttons and pearly beads. There are also French dictionary pages and chiffon layers.

I have been busy doing antique shows. This last one was the local Highway 11 "yard sale". Here in Sweetwater (TN) it is more antique flea market than yard sale. My husband helped me set the tent up Wednesday night. Thursday he and our daughter Hope went to Bloomington, IN to check out apartments for her. She will be attending Indiana University's Optometry school in August. They found her a cute place and finalized her student loan package (ouch..for her!)

I sat in the sun for 4 days selling "stuff". At this sale it was mostly cleaning out my trailer and shed and workshop and booth of things that needed to GO. Luckily a lot went!
Those sales are so taxing. I was glad it was local and that it only rained once. My husband's dream is that when he retires we will just do shows..whew.. I also totally redid my antique booth on Monday, taking out a few things I was sick of looking at, marking things down, bringing new things in, and basically moving every item in the booth! I actually sort of like all looks like different stuff when you are finished. Today I planted 4 new fruit trees that I got last week. WalMart had half off the already half off price on fruit trees and I got a Gala apple tree for $5 and 3 cherry trees for $6.25 each...not what I even had went in there to get..and the apple tree was so big it barely fit in my minivan! My husband just shook his head. We had to buy "good dirt" and Miracle Gro at Lowes..I think we spent more on that than I did on the trees.They are now finally planted. Maybe one of these years we will have fruit. I had planted 2 pear trees and 4 apples last year..they were pretty tiny though and it will be a couple years before they fruit.My garden is starting to take off. I will have to take pics tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

Back to the wreath..the clothespins I covered with scrapbook paper and vintage map paper. The white roses I made with coffee filters. I have so many ideas to try and am so frustrated about my crafting time. School is out as of this Monday and the boys' baseball games are winding to the end so maybe... but then there is that bathroom I bought new paint and tile for.... oh well! Hope you are having a productive month! Til next time! Julia

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More from the antique show

Hi guys! It took me a couple days to get back to internet was down! Today I am sharing some pics of some things I saw when making a mad dash about the antique show. I make a mad dash because I leave my husband in charge and who knows what he will sell my goodies for when I'm gone! (He did fine without me) I love these old tole painted rosy floral trays. They are always so stinkin' expensive though!

              This aqua chair was adorable but $195..and I am cheap!

                                      This was a pretty cottage booth.

                             Those roses in the vase are real and gorgeous!

This cute little camper was swarmed with ladies. They were selling new lacey clothing tht looked old (think Magnolia Pearl but made in China)
At least the mirrors were old! They had cute pink petunias too..presentation is important!!

I always apply the brakes for old dollhouses. My sister Janet has my mom's and I bought a very similar one that I keep in my laundry room. She has collected several!

Clinton, TN has a charming historic downtown area. They close the streets for this show.

Even though I love Shabby Romantic Cottage, farmhouse primitives have a pull for me...must be my farmgirl roots!

I should have checked the prices on these blue and white graniteware pieces to see if they are as expensive as they used to be!

They also had some nice decoys and primitives.

Things with lots of cubbies or drawers always catch my eye. This was an old parts cabinet.

Adorable and again..pricey. Most things I like usually are! Boo...

Lots of cool old signs and a new stenciled  Merita screen door. An old Southern bakery, they are still in business.

                                                            In the South, Coke is it!


This booth is where my money went! She had all little cool artsy bits and bobs..I wanted it all!

A few *cough-cough* of these came home with me. Cool old trade cards and game cards.

These came with me! I have very little control of myself with artsy bits..I did pass on the tubes of sequins...but only because I already have a suitcase(or 2) of vintage glitter and sequins...I also got a boxful of old rusty couch springs! The lady who's booth it was remembered me from one of her estate sales. I seem to remember making a large pile at that one! She said she has another coming up..can't wait!

These old cowbells were cool..yes I use that word a lot! I liked the verdegris (verdagris?) one.

                                                         Lots of pretty vintage jewelry...

A big old gear... industrial is hot.

Old birdcages and an old clock case which I loved..but I already have several waiting for me to "do something" with them!

This was an amazing vintage chenille spread. I think it was a later model as someof the "chenilles" were polyester. I have been told that the town I live in, Sweetwater, used to have a chenille mill. One of my old vendors in my former antique mall told me you could tell what color they were making that day by the color of the water in the creek that runs through town ... before enviromental protection laws were in play!

I liked this was quite large.

More farm machinery bits..I think this is an old cultivator or rotary hoe piece..I need to check my dad's junk pile!
The food looked amazing (pardon the classy garbage can shot) There were several different barbeque wagons and lots of other fabulous fair type food booths and a huge bake sale put on by the Antioch Baptist Church all located in the town courtyard. A fabulous way to spend a day! 'Til next time! Julia