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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Altered antique bottles

Hi guys! I wanted to share some antique bottles that I altered. These were dug bottles so there is a bit of grunge here and there. These first ones are apothecary style. I added strips of ledger paper from an antique ledger book. (It was on who had paid their road taxes in Clark County South Dakota I believe) I added numbers that I color copied off old church choir board numbers that I have (the black ones) and a vintage flash card. I love numbers! I found 3 vintage crystal stoppers in my stash that fit these perfectly. I added vintage black taffeta ribbon and either vintage lace or lengths of vintage cloth measuring tape ..more numbers!
I had some smaller bottles too. This one has a Graphics Fairy perfume label image ( I am linking this up to her Brag Monday (just follow the link)
A smaller apothecary bottle w/ a GF image. I added corks where I had them to fit.
A vintage aqua bottle with a GF bird. This had a larger mouth so I just wrapped it w/ vintage lace.
This was a tiny purple one. More GF images.
Cobalt blue w/ a GF perfume label.
This one has a copy of a fav antique stereograph card image that I have and a picture of a luna moth my daughter took last year.
These last 2 are 2 of my fav antique photos. This came from a pic of a brother and sister. The crown is stamped and the butterfly is a Dover image.
This is Max.
And this is Mabel. She is sitting on a mushroom image from an old postcard I have. I hope to have these listed in my handmade shop soon. Hope you have a great weekend! 'Til next time! Julia

Thursday, March 29, 2012

And now for something completely different

Hi guys! I decided to steal a line from Monty Python and share something besides my latest projects (which I still have more of!) and share some local scenery. Spring has sprung here. The Bradford pear trees are already done flowering. This has been an odd has been early and everything seemed to pop at once! I think these above are some sort of ornamental plum tree. I don't recall ever seeing fruit on these.
They were just covered and smelled fabulous. There were tons of bees buzzing about!
They are in the local recreation complex. I took these while my 9 yr old was practicing. He had practice tonight and left his entire ball bag with helmet, glove and bat inside, sitting on the bleachers. We went right back and it was gone. I am hoping one of his coaches or the other parents picked it up. I have made calls and left messages but no answer yet. I believe we will be saying a prayer for intercession to St. Anthony tonight! Edited to add..YAY! His coach picked it up! (Thank you St.Anthony!) He would have been in hot water with his dad even though I seem to recall his dad doing the same thing with a bag with an entire softball teams worth of bats, balls, catchers equipment AND my daughters softball photos inside and we never got that back! photo editing software (free online download) just added a bunch of new editing options. They picked up a lot of ones that the now defunct Picnik used to have. So fun to play! I edited the edges of this one.
Close up!
Not sure what this is either..but very pretty.
This was the 1960's editing adds a yellowish cast of a vintage! These are the lilacs blooming in my backyard.
They seem paler purple this year...hmmm..I may have to Miracle Gro them again.
They do smell heavenly! When we first moved here I missed their blooming. I am used to lilacs blooming in May up north..not March! We have already mowed the lawn here! The pollen is so thick in the air you can smell it! Thank goodness after 23 years in the South I seem to be slowly getting used to it. It used to knock me out. My poor honey is still a sniffler!
One of the marauding peacocks. This guy has been especially noisy lately. Usually there are 6 of them and now only 3 come..I can hear the rest at the neighbors. Maybe there was some sort of power struggle? This guy was the alpha peacock. He was showing off his tail this week to the other younger 2 peacock males. One doesn't have his tail feathers yet and one only has 3 feathers..his first. He has been practicing showing those pitiful things off and it as if THIS guy says, "Oh yeah? Well look at THIS!" (men!)
I had a hard time getting full frontal feathers with this guy..he kept trying to turn his back on me! Sometimes I have to stop and remember that it is unusual to have 6 peacocks roaming your yard! They leave all the hens at home and come up to eat my cat's food and loll about. I can do a mean peacock imitation now! Some think that they sound like a woman screaming..they are loud! "HALP! HALP!" Hope you have a colorful week. Stop back.. I have more to share! Til next time! Julia

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

French Stamped Market totes or when 2 projects collide

Hi guys! I had 2 projects collide last week. I was inspired by Carol over at tthepolkadotcloset.blogspot by her stamped bags. I had done stamped Christmas stockings but hadn't done totes yet. Of course I had to give things my own spin too (I never was good at following directions!) I was going t make tote bags and flowers, but they ended up being tote bags WITH flowers!
I made singed flowers but then added my own layer of satin. I love how these turned out! I added a clip to the back so these could be removed and used elsewhere. I think they would look dreamy clipped on a plain (girly style not men's!) tee shirt neckline..a V or scoop neck tee.
I have had 2 cases of antique store signage stamps for a few years. They are in wooden cases with several sizes of stamps/fonts and one is stamped "Jacob" under the lid. I hope Jacob approves of my use of his old stamps! I found mine at an antique mall and use them a LOT! The fleur de lis is a new stamp.
The street names are actual, but the house numbers are fantasy..I just picked ones I liked!
I must try making these in some different colors! I used vintage pearly and crystal beads for the centers.
This one I liked so much I am keeping it! I hand dyed some of the totes aqua and pink.
I love the aqua and pink together!
They are topped with rows of vintage and antique laces from my stash..the perfect touch! I have a lot more things to share in the next few days.Stop on back! Til next time! Julia

Sunday, March 25, 2012

French Ad tables Before and Afters

Hi guys! I wanted to share my latest painting projects. I finished 3 tables this week. This first one was an old oak pedestal table. There was a crack in the top. It was sturdy..not going to break or anything..just a crack where the seam had separated a bit. It may have had a marble top at one point.
I loved the base and could see it painted in oyster, cream and aqua with gold accents.
And that is what I did! It has been raining like crazy here so I had to paint it in my kitchen and could not get a good overall after shot. I took it to my booth today and if I can remember my camera next time I go up there I will try to get a better shot of this. I got the graphics from the Graphics Fairy ( and made them bigger in PrintShop with the banner application. I made 2 "wide" banners about 2 pages each and then lined them up to match and taped one above the other to make it tall enough. I rubbed the back with a pencil and went over the graphics with a pen to transfer them to my table top. My kingdom for some transfer paper! They don't even sell it in my small town and I wasn't driving to get it! I'll have to look next time I am in Staples or Hobby Lobby.
I thought the crack would lend an "authentic" touch of an old sign to this. I did the lettering in dark brown acrylic..I thought it went better with the color scheme.
The apron I painted aqua. I "antiqued" the whole table with a brownish grey thin acrylic wash that I rubbed on and off with baby wipes until it looked like I wanted.
Paint suitcase! The column and feet are light oyster grey although they look white here. The ribbed part is cream like the table top and I added aqua and gold accents.
I also added gold to the edge and a rustic garland around the edges. I finished it with paste wax.I got 2 of these round end tables at an estate sale.
I painted them white and added more Graphics Fairy French ad graphics.
I painted the edges gold and gave the whole piece a once over with fine sandpaper to distress and applied a thin grey acrylic wash and wiped it off with baby wipes.
This one I used the same graphic as the pedestal table but in black.
Metallic gold edges. I did 2 coats but I like it sort of see through.I distressed it with sandpaper. I figure I will probably nick it up somehow before I get it to the shop so this way it just blends in!I finished these with paste wax too.
You can see my foam plate pallette on the edge of this one! This was before I antiqued it. I sit on my son's yoga ball when I paint these..just the right height and comfy. I should probably try to use it to do a sit up one of these days...nahhhhh.. LOL. I have more to share so stop on back..I have been a busy bee lately! Til next time! Julia

Monday, March 19, 2012

New projects, upcycles and vintage tablecloths

Hi guys! This is some more of what I was working on this weekend. This first piece used to be a silver painted metal fishing tackle box. It still had some hooks in it!
I gave the outside a shabby white paint job and a collaged on paper number 6 that I color copied from some old church choir numbers I have. They are too thick to glue on in the original form and I want to save the originals to make more anyways!
The inside is robin's egg blue..of course! I had to restrain myself from adding something inside the lid too..maybe a cigar box label copy or some handpainted rosebuds!The next few images are of my vintage wallpaper mini gift bags.This is my new favorite color and electric peacock blue! So unexpectedly yummy! If I knew how to make an Etsy treasury, I would make one of this color combo... This wallpaper I got from my friend's shop. She had lots of pages from old sample books she was selling. I pretty much made a paper pig of myself! These are from the 1960's-70's and are more what I would recommend for this type of project. My older wallpaper is too brittle and cracks when folded. I have reinforced some for smaller projects by applying mailing tape to the reverse amd Mod-Podge to the fronts. It makes it less brittle.
The centers are paper punches from a vintage French fairy tale book and butterflies from Dover Press.
The handles are vintage taffetta ribbon.
If I sell these online it would be in batches of 6 to make shipping more feasible. I may just sell them in my booth.
These last couple pics are of 2 vintage tablecloths I got last week. I love these vintage cloths. These were in pretty good shape.
So cheerful!
This one has aqua fresh! ( And now the text is blue!)
I also have one with cherries that is cute but spotted. I am going to try to remove the spots, but it may end up as fabric for projects.
This is my constant helper my grandson Hunter. We always have to take his pic too when I am taking pics of other things. Yes that is a pj top. If he is at home he is in pj's...he has quite the assortment! Well I am off to take my son Jack to baseball practice. Until next time! Julia