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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hi guys! Some pics from the bridal shower..I went out the morning before and cut greenery from the yard.Mostly Magnolia and privet. I found one lonely nandina shrub sprouting in my clue where it came from as I never planted it. I cut a spray of the berries for the house (hope I didn't kill the plant!)

Privet is a nuisance shrub around here..very invasive..pretty berries though!

 The succulents turned out cute. I swapped these votives out for battery ones though..I didn't want to start a fire!

 I plunked the magnolia and privet in the ductwork pipes and just plopped the big paper magnolia flowers on top. ( I did not get very good pictures)

 I scattered pinecones I spray painted nickel.

 A bit better pic.

 The Harry Potter roses..they are already added to her bouquet..we worked on wedding flowers after the bridal shower.

 Some of these are going to be used at her wedding as altar flowers.

 Cupcake favor boxes..She's a Catch..He's a Keeper  (also Harry Potter quidditch reference!)

We had a fun morning and it went too fast. Here is the bride to be modeling her cute new apron. Wasn't she just born?? *sniffle* She has an awesome fiance and we are so happy for both of them! I am currently tearing up the house, laying new floors and painting and re-arranging. My back keeps going out so never a dull moment! Stop again! 'Til next time! Julia

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Giant paper magnolia flowers for the bridal shower and wedding

 Hi guys! Sharing some paper flowers I am working on for my daughter's wedding.

 She is a Southern girl and grew up climbing the magnolia tree by our house so now they are a part of her wedding.Although not many magnolia blooms in January so... I made giant paper ones.These are literally 3 sheets of cardstock, a foamcore circle, a spray painted pinecone, hot glue and a piece of wire..that's it! The far right one was magnolia prototype #1 so it is a bit wonky..I changed the outer petals to shorter and fatter on the rest. Always good to try ONE before cutting out a BUNCH!

I figured out my own pattern by looking at photos..3 layers of 3 petals in gradually smaller sizes. The middle stumped me for a minute. I was thinking of making a paper middle but then thought..pinecones! Close enough! We have them all up our driveway. These are sort of baby ones from a tree that went down. I spray painted them brushed nickel to match her wedding, but you could use any color..or glitter!Or both!Greenish yellow is the "regular" color.

 I am going to add them to large arrangements of real magnolia leaves for the back altar..cost..almost free!

 I think I will use 3 per arrangement. I am using a few at the bridal shower first for centerpieces there. I will share the how to later.

 Another Harry Potter touch..golden snitches I made from Ferrero Rocher candy and some foil wings I made with silver wrapping paper. (I glued 2 pieces together so it is silver on both sides.) You could also use silver cardstock or silver glittered foam but I had the wrapping paper already! I just used a glue dot to attach.

Hope you are having a great week..stop back to see more! Comments loved, followers adored. Til next time! Julia

Thursday, December 3, 2015

DIY text book page roses tutorial paper roses

Hi guys! Today I am sharing how I make paper roses. The ones I am showing I am making for my daughter's wedding. They are made with Harry Potter book pages. NOTE: you cannot sell "Harry Potter" anything as it is trademarked, but you can make them for personal use. I have also made these with maps and sheet music. You can use any paper. Scrapbook paper will work but lighter weight works better than heavier weight..less stiffness, but I'd use the kind with images/color on both sides as you will see the reverse.

 Remove your page..

 Cut into a square ..NOTE I usually cut off that margin of plain paper and then cut my square so I have text all over my petals.

 Fold into quarters ..(fold in half and fold in half again

 On the NON folded edges, round the corners to a petal shape. I usually have a bit of a dip in the center.

 I unfold halfway and put a small snip in the bottom fold for ease of adding the stem later.

 I snip in in the "Valleys" about an inch or so to make the petals more individual. Don't cut all the way in to the center.

I pull each petal across a scissor edge from the center out to cup it. Don't pull too hard or you will tear it.

 When done it should look like this.

Then I curl the petal outer edges (2 curls per petal) in the same direction as the last step.

When done it should look like this

 I crease the petals down the  middle with the curled edges to the outside like this

 Should look like this when done.

 Then I add 2 more creases on each petal one on each side of the center crease.

 Here I added pen marks so you can see where the folds are. You do not add pen marks!

 Take your floral stem wire (Walmart, Hobby lobby etc) and curl one end around a pencil or skewer or what have you to make a small coil.

 Tear a cotton ball in half.

Make a "nest" with your finger to hold the glue.

 I use Elmers but any white glue will work. I do NOT advise hot glue..too hot, you will have burns and strings and it is really not necessary and won't work as well.

 I stick the coil into the glued cotton ball and twist the end.

 Glue the petals like so..curls facing down/on the underside..slide it onto the stem.

Curl a petal around and hold a minute.

 Curl the opposite petal up and around the first .

 Then do the same with the 2 other petals.

 I give the excess paper at the bottom a twist.

 Glue up another layer...

 And apply the same way doing one petal, then the opposite petal, another petal and the opposite petal.

 Hold it a minute or so..

 Add another layer of petals.

 I try to stagger the petal placement..the middle of a "new" petal in the "valley" of 2 previous petals.

 I usually use 3-4 layers depending on how large I want it but you can add more..or use less for a bud or boutonniere sized rose. If you have smaller petals, you will have a smaller rose.

 You can "zhugzz" or tweak the petal edges to add more curl or pinch in a fold or tuck a petal with your fingers.You can use them like this or add a calyx and leaves and floral tape. I'll show that step later when I get these to that point.

Ta-Dah! I have been making these for years. The folding and curling really make the flower by adding dimension so do not skip that step! Each one will look a bit different.. just like real roses! Follow me for more of what I am making for my daughters' weddings! Comments loved so I know I am not talking to myself (as usual!) 'Til next time! Julia