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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New vintage finds from this weekend

OK..this is not a vintage find, it is my "helper" my grandson Hunter. I had to make him a blanket fort on my clothesline to keep him occupied while I was taking pics..he loved it!My fav find of the weekend..a 50's net prom dress with tiny rhinestone trim! My mannequin was too booty-licious to fit in it. (I don't think you're ready for this jellllly)
This is a vintage ticking featherbed or duvet cover..lots of yardage!
A vintage friendship quilt top. There are signatures in the white hexagons. A souvenier Paris Vera Neumann's this weekend but still this is cool!
I am a sucker for vintage doll clothes!
This one has matching panties.
I have one more in the soaking bucket! I'm not sure if these are selling individually or if I will make a doll clothes "garland"...hmmm.. Some antique glass cruets..There were only 2 soI am selling them separately from the caddy..which I think will make an awesome votive cup holder!Look at all those little wells and perfect piercings for prismy bits!
Cool vintage cookie cutters w/ great patina. I have more but those may end up in altered projects!
I got some flower frogs too. I love this pic...he reminds me of Jude Law!
Cute vintage sandpail shovels..And a darling apron. I have more things but I almost passed out from the heat taking pics today so this is all I have for now! Hope you had a great weekend! Til next time! Julia

Monday, August 29, 2011

Upcycled Magnet Board Chalk Board Shabby Chic and French Farmhouse Trays

Hi guys! These are a spin on my smaller tin tray chalk boards.They were formerly green vintage metal trays that I snapped up this summer in South Dakota.
I added a swag I made out of vintage chandelier crystals and acrylic iridescent beads. Chandelier roping or old rosary parts (good Catholic girl here..won't break up a good rosary!) would also work...I just didn't have enough! I made the little links out of brass head pin wire. All my former dental lab retainer wire bending skills have not gone to waste! (My mom always says no knowledge is wasted and I am beginning to believe that!)
I color copied some sweet vintage wallpaper I have..much easier to work with the new paper than the old fragile "roll-y" wallpaper. I love these rosebuds!
I added a hanging bow of vintage taffeta ribbon and a mother of pearl button sewn to the middle to keep the bow from coming untied.
On this one I added graphics from the Graphics Fairy and some from my own stash and some stamped images.
This one has a Marie vibe.
I made these magnets from stacked mother of pearl buttons..I sewed them first, I hate glue showing through the holes. Of course I couldn't find any white thread but I did have some lightweight crochet thread that did the trick. Is it just me or are sewing needles eyes getting reeeaaallly small?
This one is for the French/White/Romantic/ Shabby Chic/Swedish lovers. I am a sucker for crystals!
I painted little scrolly bits around the covers any less than perfect areas where the white and chalkboard paint meet. My grandson Hunter (age 3 now) "helped" me spray these. He chased baby kitties on the carport and I don't think he quit talking once and actually flung his stuffed monkey over my head at one point! Such help! This ribbon is Swedish grey.
This one is aqua because I looove aqua~
More magnets.. I love MOP buttons too..the iridescence is so pretty! I have a big glass canister..or 2...of vintage MOP buttons. These are not that old but very pretty!
Robins egg yummy!
This is one I did awhile back. I made this from a very shabby,ornate, peeling silverplate tray.
The edges are so heavy I can't drill through them! I guess this one will be displayed on a plate rack. A fab menu board! Some of these are going to my booth and some to my Etsy handmade shop (hopeandjoystudios)..I haven't decided which way yet. If you fancy something, let me know and I will be happy to reserve list it for you. Thanks so much for stopping by! Til next time! Julia

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upcycled to French Farmhouse Chic gift "baskets"

Hi guys! I THOUGHT I had a "before " pic on these but I can't find it anyplace! They were ugly bronzey brown metal buckets. I gave them a coat of white spray paint.
Some graphics from the Graphic Fairy.. I resize these in Print Shop. I don't have Photo Shop (soooo expensive!) but I have learned to make Print Shop do a lot for me..and it only cost like $20!
And some vintage robin's egg blue seam binding ribbon trim (a fav color of mine!) I think next time I will try brown ink on the edges of the label to make it look even more vintage.
I added shreds from a French to English dictionary book..romance novels or sheet music would also be great. (hmm..where have we seen that book before?) If you are buying a paper shredder, make sure it makes long thin strips of shred not the cross cut short strips (this is why I now own TWO paper shredders! LOL) I think this one cost like $12 at Walmart! All ready to fill and give (0r keep!) Soaps and votives would look great in this!
I also gave a vintage flour sifter "the business".
Add paper shreds and kitchen type items for a cute gift "basket"! These are headed off to my booth. There are so many things that could be upcycled to a cute gift basket or decor piece. You'll never want a plain gift bag again! Til next time, Julia

French Shabby Romantic Rose dry erase boards or altered frames

Hi guys! This is part of what I was working on yesterday. These are formerly dark walnut vintage/antique frames. I had these in my antiques booth for awhile. They had old prints of hummingbirds in them. I got tired of them being there so out came the hummingbird prints (to sell separately of save to color copy for collage projects).
I made roses, rosebuds and leaves out of polymer clay, baked them and hot glued them on top.
I painted the frames either light pink or pale aqua, then buttercream, then white. My trick is to use a pretty worn out paintbrush and to try to do a sort of crappy job of painting but achieve overall full coverage. Let dry then sand to distress. Sometimes I add a greige glaze. Sometimes I varnish, spray varnish or wax. Sometimes I am lazy and do none of the above!
It also sort of depends on the look I am going for. I added scrapbook paper and reassembled.
Close up of the roses..these are pretty easy to make!
All done! These could also be used as a frame, just add a pic!I think these are headed for my antiques/vintage booth again..hope they sell! (Umm..I maaayy keep one for my bathroom and stop leaving post it notes all over my mirror!) Have a great day! Til next time! Julia

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

French text Paper Roses

Hi guys! I made these last night while sitting and waiting for my 8 yr old at baseball practice..well mostly. I had the leaves already done and I finished the stems this morning! I have a hard time sitting and doing nothing!
I made these out of pages of a French to English dictionary . The leaves are green Monopoly money!
These can be a clip or a pin..or a magnet too. I plan to take some to my antiques booth and put some in my Etsy shop. I never know which way to take things so I am "divide and concurring"! These would be good on a lapel, on a lampshade, decorative name it! I have some more tin chalkboard trays in the works so maybe a magnet for one of those? I am actually home alone today.. a very rare day. Off to projects! Have a great day and stop back! Julia

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I have been working on lately

Hi guys! And by lately I mean last night and today. I love making things but seem to spend big chunks of my day doing other things..hauling kids to and from school, playing with the grandbaby outside now that it is not 100 degrees anymore..dishes, cooking meals, laundry..aakkk! I spent a good chunk of this morning working on my Etsy listings trying to make them more "relevant" for the new search. So this afternoon I made this ^^^^^^^^
I took a vintage ironstone platter from my antiques/ vintage booth that was languishing and collaged and stamped on some French-y graphics...some mine and some from the Graphics fairy. This looks cute on MY wall..I almost hate to sell it!
Last night I was working on altered candles. I'm not sure if these things are ending up in my Etsy shop or my antiques booth!
Fronts...I did not make the candles, just added the graphics!(although I probably still have molds, wax and wicks someplace from former crafty projects!)
Backs..I got into my antique sign makers stamps for this part! I have little cello bags "someplace" that these would look cute in w/ a vintage ribbon.... no clue where they ARE but that is no surprise to me! Hope you are having a productive day! Til next time! Julia