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Monday, July 30, 2012

Latest Upcycled Dress Form Mannequin and Vintage Lace Cuffs

 Hi guys! I have been so busy this week! This is a vintage dress form mannequin of mine that I upcycled  to have a more romantic vibe! before pic..she was skin toned (eww) peachy moire taffeta. I decided to give her a more vintage, Frenchy look.
 She got a couple coats of gesso and then I painted her grey-ish taupe..thinking that was the color I wanted her. It was NOT! LOL. So I painted her cream over that and when dry sanded back so there was some of the grey showing through.
 I added a vintage lamp part that resembled a crown and some French-y antique ad graphics from the Graphics Fairy. I gave it a bit of antique-ing (the paper)
 Glued the paper to cardboard cut to the size of the "crown" center and glued the whole 9 yards on with E6000.
 I may still add some tissue paper decals..maybe a peacock tattoo or text..
 I am supposed to be doing a show next month and she will be there displaying my stuff.
 Such a pretty back!
RANDOM PICTURE!!  Alas..sad news grandson's fish Bubbles went belly up. I made him a stamped spoon headstone. My stamping was a bit wonky but I did it in 2 minutes while the "service" was going on. I was hammering on the back step and it was about 100 degrees and the hot concrete was scorching my tooshie through my skirt! A def. rush job! He flushed his last fish and thought that one "woke up" after being flushed..Dang Disney! He just turned 4 and we had to have the talk about death today. We put him in charge of deciding on the "arrangements" bury..or flush. There were a few tears but once the service was over, he was fine. I wanted to bury this until just the top showed like an old style headstone, but I was afraid my husband would step on it while mowing and I'd never hear the end of it..I am still hearing about the needle in the arm of the couch he sat on YEARS ago! I sort of put it under the lilac bush and warned him about it so he doesn't mow it over. I shall have to remind him!
Back to lighter news! These are some vintage fabric and lace cuff bracelets I am making for the show next month. If they don't sell there they may end up on Etsy. The "jewelry" market is just so saturated there that I thought they may have a better chance "in person". With the exception of the pale pink ruffle behind the button on this one, every scrap of what I used was antique or vintage!
 I have hoarded vintage lacy bits for years. It was fun actually getting to use them! I am not a jewelry maker per se, but I am a vintage repurposer with a lot of different ideas!
 I think this one may be my fav..hard to say though since they were all my fav when I was putting them together!
 These can be worn either direction. Chiffon and chandelier prisms and vintage cloth measure tape.
 Eyelet lace and rolled rosettes and more layered vintage lace.
 Overview..I still need to add snap closures to these.

 This one I added a hammered and stamped bit of brass hardware over eyelet. All vintage mother of pearl buttons from my jar(s).
 I realize these are not for everyone....
But hopefully they will be for someone! I have more "show goodies" to share later..stop back! Until then! Julia

Monday, July 23, 2012

French Style mannequin upcycle

Hi guys! I have been busy lately gathering things and making things for some upcoming shows. I have always wanted a "Frenchy" mannequin for display but I am both poor and cheap! I got this vintage adjustable mannequin at an estate auction last month. When will I learn to take a "before" photo?! Trust me she was sort of ugly. She had a faded navy blue knit fabric on her "bits". I considered peeling her..which would ultimately been easier I think..but decided instead to paint her.
It took 2-3 coats of gesso and I am glad I started w/ that because she would have taken many coats of paint otherwise..the fabric just soaked it up! I used a mix of acrylic craft paints in khaki and raw sienna and burnt umber and added more white gesso to the mix..I didn't want a solid color, but an aged look. I did cuss a bit when I realized I had to paint the inside of the pieces where the fabric wrapped around otherwise I was going to be seeing navy blue on the inside which would have bugged me! Next time I will peel then paint!

I added "decals" that I made with my old signage stamps. I stamped on white tissue paper with Staz-On ink and cut out as close as I could and applied the "decal" with Mod Podge. This works best on a white background so I did go back and paint over the edges with some of the background paint to blend it in a bit. Basically a free decal! This also works great with stamping because you don't have to worry about stamping on an uneven surface and having a "mis-stamp"..just stamp away on the tissue paper and pick your favorite! I also added the word Paris to her front. Now..I have to decide whether to sell her or keep her?? Sometimes having some cool display pieces draws people into your booth. I do have other styles I am working on "French-ing" up..maybe I will let some of those go! I will share their pics when I finish them.

I got some vintage frames Saturday morning while estate sale-ing w/ Ed. Not a lot of finds but a few goodies! This was a vintage gold painted frame w/ metal corner appliques. I added cream paint and a Graphics Fairy insert. I may go back and redo this printed on text or different paper..the white is pretty stark! Maybe I will spritz it w/ coffee..
This was also a gold frame and the vintage insert was in a different (plastic) frame so I swapped it into this one. I think Cotes is "coast"? I am loving this shade of gold with aqua lately!

This was a nasty plaster frame complete with rust stains! I added cream paint (and lots of scrubbing..these frames were filthy!) and I used French text with a cut out Graphics Fairy lady. After I got it all together I noticed a tiny gap on the bottom edge where I should have not trimmed it as close. It bugged me and I knew I could either redo or cover it. I picked cover it! I was thinking paper rolled rose but they were too clunky so I went with this!

A rosette made from yummy robin's egg blue vintage taffetta ribbon, a vintage pearly bead and paper leaves I made from the same text...I think I like this better!

I cut the leaves w/ my fancy edge scissors, crease the center and then add texture/leaf lines by adding creases. I use a long nose pliers and grasp the leaf at the correct "leaf line" angle and crease the paper against the pliers nose edge. I work my way up from base to tip spacing them accordingly and then so the other side. Easy peasy! I will have more things to share later..back to work! Til next time! Julia

Monday, July 16, 2012

South Dakota Summer

Hi guys! We made our usual summer trip home to South Dakota. This year it was just my husband and I and our 9 year old son Jack. Our big girls had to work so they and grandson Hunter stayed in TN to hold down the fort. I was quite dismayed at being parted from Hunter. I have been with him almost every day of his life except my Sturgis sister trip last summer. We both survived but it was hard! It is an 18 hour car trip to SD. The things I miss the most besides family are the gorgeous sunsets and the heavenly smell of alfalfa hay. Warning..lots of pics of family and festivities ahead!

 We stopped in Sioux Falls to see our oldest son Evan and his girlfriend Krystal. I only see him a few days a year and I really miss him! Jack was our event planner. He wanted to see "the falls" of Sioux Falls and the Japanese Garden this time. I love Jack's face here..apparently he was REALLY excited!

Evan said the falls were lower than normal. There were people out climbing on the rocks and making me very nervous..please do not fall to your death in front of me! Did I mention I really do not like heights..or depths?

The Japanese Garden was small and peaceful and full of Canadian geese!
 This year was my husband's classes 35th highschool reunion. They had a graduating class of 78 people. He had a fun class, lots of great,crazy people.

Stories were shared and a good time was had by all.

 We spent some time at my uncle's cabin at the lake. My son got out of the car, into the lake and didn't come out until dark. We used to spend our 4th of July's at the lake when I was little too. I'm glad that he gets to make his own memories. He loves being with his cousins and really misses them the rest of the year.
 My mom and my uncle Mark and his grandbaby Marcus.
 My sister Laura had a tea party for us girls..her food is always so good!
 My hollyhocks did NOT look like these this year..I had a bug who munched them up!
                          The newest grand-daughter Kinley.
 The newest great grand daughter Riley Rose and her momma Alyssa.
                                      My sisters Laura and Janet.
 My sisters Andrea and Jessica and nieces Nicki and Alyssa.
 A night out at the local watering hole. Andrea and Janet.
 Nephew Damian and my brothers in law Kim and Steve... pure BS-ing going on here...
 At the 4th of July parade waiting for the candy.Grandsons Jayce(ducking) Jack, Korbin, Rylan and Tait..lots of boys!
 Some of our former "candy snatchers" are now helpers. Lain helping Braden and Kyla and Mr. Weenie.
                                                                      Riley Rose

Miss Kinley

 The official start of the of these ladies is my husband's Aunt Mildred. This was sort of bittersweet as my Aunt Paulette who passed last year from lung cancer was usually on this "float" too.
 The usual parade entries..antique fire engines...
 A "train"...
 Antique tractors (my husband's favorite Minneapolis Moline)
 Antique cars....
 and vintage cars...
 and of course no parade is complete without the Shriners!

John Deere..
 And my fav a International Dad and Grandpa used to have ones like this that they would give us rides on.
 My sister Aron and Annika. Annika was a bit dejected that she was out candy snatched..the older kids did share though with the littles. Look at that body language!
 My Mom and Dad..looking good for 70 somethings!
 The town (and highschool) mascot. Pheasant hunting is very popular here in the fall.
 Of course there are beauty queens..I even rode in this parade one year as the local "Snow Queen"!
 More old cars...

 And what signifies the end of the parade..the horses..all the better for the little boys if one of the horses poops so they can "ewwwwww!"and giggle.
                                            Jack's candy bounty.
 Niece Nicki with her daughter Arya who is in the "I don't want my picture taken" stage.
 We retired to the local railroad depot for air conditioned comfort, food and antique firetruck rides for the kids.

I so covet this chalkboard!

                                               Some of the nephews in the firetruck.
 Fireworks at Grandpa's farm. This always makes me nervous! One year they set the haystack on fire. It got put out before it got out of hand though (luckily).
                                                         Miss Arya and her sparkler.

 Some of the grandkids tagged Gramma's driveway with smokeball graffiti.
 Daddy Steve and Annika...she has the same feeling about wearing pants that my grandson does!
  Some of the bigger boys. Later we went to town to see the "big fireworks". It was really fab... not a mosquito in sight. The last 2 summers they were horrible!

I was glad to get back home to my Grandbaby. We got home just in time for his baseball swim party. He was pretty proud of his trophy! Now back to real life and back to work! Til next time! Julia