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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vintage finds from this weekend

 Hi guys! Today I am sharing some of the things we found "hunting" this weekend. Above is an antique or vintage cast iron Bonsai (tree) planter or tray. I love its rusty look and Asian motifs. It would be fab for succulents or a fairy garden or just to corral your "bits".

 I bought this box for the vintage tin film canisters..but the old flashbulbs were an extra plus! People use the film canisters for mixed media and assemblage art.I like the cheery colors they come in! So odd to be taking pics of these things with my phone! I apologize for some of these pics..a bit fuzzy. I need to learn to focus them!

 Cute vintage clocks. A Big Ben and a smaller German one. They are over wound but still cute for decor.

 A metal floral toleware bit and a chandelier bobeche..I use these in some of my mixed media ornaments.

 an old brass toast fancy! My toast goes straight from toaster to my mouth! (and I share the crusts with the pooches..if they think I am not eating fast enough they start barking!)

 A pair of Wilson sunglasses and case. Probably 40's -50's. I have to research these a bit.

 Not sure what this was other than cool. I'm guessing an ashtray? That is a C or a G on it..Griswold? More research to do.

 I like the old felt pennants. This one is from Baylor high school in Chattanooga.

 2 Ohio Art toy drums. They have a couple dents but good tops/bottoms. Cute graphics!

 I always buy these old slips if they are reasonable. This one is organdy. Cool to wear or upcycle into a lampshade!

 I cannot pass up a Vera Neumann scarf! Vera's are my fav and I have a drawer full.

 I liked this Echo one too. I think these would be great framed. I saw some fab curtains and shower curtains made with them too. I think 3 would look great over a bed. If I ever quit wearing them!

 A hatbox marked Fleur de Paris New Orleans. Some damage to the rim under the lid and someone added a piece of tape across the top. Still cute for decor.

 I like old wooden bread boards. They have a fab patina and a few make a great wall display. I also always buy these globe vases.I am going to add faux succulents. I have grown real moss in them before too!

 A couple toleware trays (that need a clean up) another globe vase and an ornate brass framed dresser mirror.

 You could hang it too..great handles and a wonderful slightly shabby mirror.

 An old tin candy box, some pin style floral frogs, Deco shoe clips, 2 French perfume bottles..

 and one filigreed one that was off a necklace or chatelaine.It is a glass bottle under the filigree.  The top screws off and it has a tiny glass applicator wand. This maybe brass or gold plated..need to research.

 Some supplies for the studio. The box and tray are backgrounds for  mixed media pieces.

 3 tiny bottles to fill with glitter and turn into pendant necklaces (they were pill sample bottles I think) and a bit of rhinestone bling that may have been part of a collar.

 Vintage scissors are also a cool collectible. They come in many sizes..these are quite large! They make a great wall display especially in  sewing room, craft room or laundry. ..or to add a touch of industrial chic "sculpture" anywhere!

I like to take a utilitarian photo and play with it in Picasa!

 Ed got this old 30's -40's baseball catcher's mitt and mask. He used to be a baseball catcher whe we were first dating and married.

 He got these great old iron bed legs..fab for an industrial upcycled coffee table..perfect height! he went down to the basement/garage/ out back for this sale and I went upstairs and inside. He missed out on a bunch of old McCoy pots though. He said the first 2 ladies in line just grabbed and piled..oh well..don't blame them! After I was done inside I went downstairs to see what goodies he missed. I was poking around on a shelving rack on the patio only to hear someone a minute later yell "Snake!" There was a copperhead curled up in a saw/miterbox inches from where I had been looking! Yikes. This was at least 20 minutes into the sale so there had been plenty others digging about on that rack also! He was released into the woods behind the house! A few months ago it was a sales are not for sissies! LOL

He presented me with these because "I know how you are about these things". LOL..he is right. ..such a romantic! I like old baseballs softballs and croquet balls to pile in a bowl and I collect old whisk brooms until I have several (and then usually sell them!) Hope you had a great weekend too! Comments loved, followers adored! I am getting ready for a show this weekend. I shall take pix. Stop back! Til then, Julia

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Vanessa said...

I wanted to pick out favorite but really, every, single, find is amazing with something special about it. I especially love everything in the 1st two shots though, I suppose ;) Great scores!!