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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Even creepier vintage dolls and new old stock shoes..New finds

 OK ..THIS doll is truly horrifying. I think I have a one or 2 even creepier still lurking in the boxes someplace, but this one is a contender!

 She is a composition Effanbee with an odd long torso. Yikers..this one makes Chuckie look like the cute kid next door!

 Creepy vinyl/rubber with a hard plastic head..

 She has a sweet expression though so she doesn't scare me like the other one.

 This shabby composition head has eyes that are weighted to be side glancing when you tip her head sideways.

 A bit jarring when you don't realize that and pick the head up and the eyes move!

 Skeptical face...

A shabby bald Madame Alexander.

                                              A cheerful shabby creepy baby.

 Boo! I think some of these would be great to pose for creepy art photos. I am lucky to keep my fingers out of my pix!

 When we went to the country store sale in June we bought boxes of vintage new old stock leather ladies pumps. Never worn..note the dust! They are still stuffed with tissue.

 Getting ready to list these on Ebay, but  I have no clue of the size..neither the shoes nor box are marked w/ a size. There are letters and numbers, just none that make sense as a size. They are smallish and narrower than my big wide feet!

I think they are 1940's era. Too cool! Hope y'all have a great weekend. I will be busy working on projects. Stop back and see what I have been up to! Comments loved, followers adored! 'Til next time! Julia


Hannah said...

They really do look creepy when they're all worn like that. Not sure I could sleep with one of them in the house!

hopeandjoyhome said...

LOL..I hadn't really thought about it..but now I have! 0_o

Vintage Collector Lover said...

What is your eBay user name so I can check these shoes out? I am just drooling over those dolls!! I love old forgotten dolls and their heads ;)

hopeandjoyhome said...

Dakotakid59 is our Ebay user name. Haven't got any shoes listed yet, I have beenbusy getting ready for a show!