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Monday, September 5, 2011

Vintage Map paper and sheet music wreaths

Hi guys! This is part of what I was working on this weekend.Actually I was pretty lazy on was my birthday. I awoke to cards from my people and flowers from my daughter Hope. I spent the morning estate sale-ing with my husband (got some goodies I will share later). We went out for dinner which since we are from the Midwest is the meal that takes place at NOON..lunch is something you have at tea time! We made a side trip to a bookstore and I bought a couple magazines.. (Somerset Home and Romantic Homes..2 of my favs!)as my gift from my youngest son Jack. They did not want to pick the wrong one and I love getting new ones so I got to pick. They are so dang expensive though..$22 for 2 magazines! I napped in the afternoon and woke up to a raspberry chocolate cheesecake birthday cake that my daughter Alexa made me..yummy! I got a phone call from my oldest son who lives in South Dakota..he is not much of a caller so I was glad to talk to him! I am now officially 49 and the heck did THAT happen?! Anyhoo..back to wreaths..this one I made of vintage map paper..I love the aqua and cream!
The center is stacked vintage foil Christmas tree light reflectors and a shabby vintage glass ornament. I love using vintage supplies in new ways.
This one is made from vintage map paper, vintage sheet music and a handmade hand dyed paper flower I made..I love the aqua with the coral too!
I love flowers real and handmade! If you are new to my blog, I also love exclamation points!!!! I know some people find them annoying but I am just so darn EXCITED!!
This was the smallest wreath at 16". The vintage map paper was aqua and greens and golds and had touches of red that I also used for the color of the center of the wreath. The inner pinwheel is atlas pages and the red part is scrapbook paper.
There is another atlas layer and a vintage foil reflector, some vintage tinsel and a fab net covered silvery vintage Christmas ornament.
This is the one that started the wreath making extravaganza. I had a lady order one I had like this and she wanted another one to match. Usually that is a problem with the map paper wreaths as they are pretty much one of a kind, but I had quite a bit of the vintage sheet music to make another with. I based all these wreaths on some lace pinwheel Christmas ornaments I made years ago! I always have fun seeing how they turn out!
The center is scrapbook paper, handmade paper petals, a French text layer and center of vintage Christmas goodies..I just love bling! I think the next ones I make of these may have a more white/cream and black and white theme..I have some new ideas stewing! Until next time! Julia


SisterBatik said...

I love the sheet music one!

Kendra + Patricia said...

I love this idea ~ and I have a lot of sheet music I could use! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lesha said...

Oh my goodness! I am wanting to make a sheet music wreath so I google it and clicked on yours first. I am amazed, these are the cutest ones I have seen. And I see you are on etsy, I want to go look at your shop. I am on etsy too. : )