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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vintage clock face Christmas or New Years ornaments

Hi guys! I have been busy this week. My Etsy shops really picked up lately (yay!) thanks to the new relevancy based search there. I have been listing things and making things and got to a couple cool estate sales again today. I didn't even get to post about the one we went to last weekend yet! Well last weekend I found these wonderful vintage clock faces at an estate sale. I wanted to make them into something so I brainstormed for a couple days and came up with these..and a few more things that are as yet on my "brain-ial" drawingboard. I should jot them down before I forget! These are ornaments I made with photos I took of those clock faces. They are glued to chip board and have glittered edges (of course!)
I layered a couple images to cover the holes in the middle of some and also, I just liked how it looked! I love the shabby staining on this one! (for those new to my blog I use exclamation points! A LOT!!)
I covered the backs with vintage French to English dictionary pages because I love text and I picked up a couple new words whilst glueing!
These turned out with a golden, cream and black color scheme that I am reaaaaally liking!
I liberated some of my antique mother of pearl buttons from by button jar for these..
This clock face was amazing..the little inserts behind the numbers was inlaid mother of ornate!
I think this is my fav...most are round but there are a few that were square or otherly shaped. This one had applied metal numerals and just the sweetest shabbiness! I ended up making 31 (!) of these. I hope they sell so I can make more! I thought they would be cute on a tree, wreath or used as decor..I'd hang them from my chandelier!Hoping you are having a great week too! Until next time, Julia


Pamela Bates said...

loving that last one too! what a find!

Lori said...

those are gorgeous! great finds!

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Marina said...

I can't even pick my favorite!