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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Altered Tart Tins

I have been tarting it up lately! I did an earlier post on some of these that I submitted to Somerset Life. I decided I needed to make more for my shop! I make these from mostly all vintage materials. The bases are vintage tart tins that I snip, twist, bend and fold. I didn't even cut myself this time! (If that isn't asking for a trip to the ER, I don't know what is!) This one has a Jane Austen flavor. I used antique German book pages from a bible study book (bad girl!) I love the look of old text! She has text "tiles" that spell out Sweet Heart. I think these could be used for more than just Christmas decorations..she has a Valentine feel.
This girl is always one of my favorite images..
I did some without photos because I figured not everyone is into altered pics (gasp!) I love pink and Gramma Hardie would have loved this..she loved pink and glittery! I used vintage chandelier crystals on all of them.
This used a reproduced prayer card image and has more of an icon feel to it.
This one got the most views when I listed it.
Of course there has to be a Marie one! I like gold and pink together too.
Hot pink..a fav color of mine. This one has antique sheet music as a layer.
I love aqua too! LOL..I am such a color floozy!
This is a girl reproduced from my stash of old pics, some more old German text, a DREAM text tile and some of those old mercury glass Christmas garland beads..I hoarde *cough* collect those and decided to put them back to good use.
The blue Madonna an child. I have others in my Etsy shop...stop on by! I feel all Miss Spammy McPromo lately..I have to find some other craziness to post about! (I have plenty crazy) Til next time! Julia

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pasqueflower said...

Beautiful wreaths and gorgeous prom dresses. (Thank you for your comment on my blog post---your great great grandma was one strong young woman!)