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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New vintage finds from this weekend

OK..this is not a vintage find, it is my "helper" my grandson Hunter. I had to make him a blanket fort on my clothesline to keep him occupied while I was taking pics..he loved it!My fav find of the weekend..a 50's net prom dress with tiny rhinestone trim! My mannequin was too booty-licious to fit in it. (I don't think you're ready for this jellllly)
This is a vintage ticking featherbed or duvet cover..lots of yardage!
A vintage friendship quilt top. There are signatures in the white hexagons. A souvenier Paris Vera Neumann's this weekend but still this is cool!
I am a sucker for vintage doll clothes!
This one has matching panties.
I have one more in the soaking bucket! I'm not sure if these are selling individually or if I will make a doll clothes "garland"...hmmm.. Some antique glass cruets..There were only 2 soI am selling them separately from the caddy..which I think will make an awesome votive cup holder!Look at all those little wells and perfect piercings for prismy bits!
Cool vintage cookie cutters w/ great patina. I have more but those may end up in altered projects!
I got some flower frogs too. I love this pic...he reminds me of Jude Law!
Cute vintage sandpail shovels..And a darling apron. I have more things but I almost passed out from the heat taking pics today so this is all I have for now! Hope you had a great weekend! Til next time! Julia

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Teresa Kline said...

these are amazing finds.....great vintage stuff..I luv all things vintage and old and then I like to add a little new into he mix....awesome...hope you have a wonderful day!

enjoy *~*