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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Upcycled Apothecary jars

Hi guys! This is my latest of about a bazillion projects. I usually have about 6 things going at once! Sometimes I will start something without a definitive answer as to "what am I actually doing here?" Sometimes that is the best make it up as you go along!
These are vintage glass canisters I got at an estate sale a couple weekends ago. I was torn between turning them into moss terrariums (something that even I have a hard time killing!) and leaving them as canisters. They needed a little "something" though. I love old text, letters and numbers and I had these old cardboard choir song board numbers poked in a drawer. The actual numbers were too thick to use as labels so I copied them.
I sealed the fronts and applied them to the jar fronts. All ready for collections of any kind! I like the industrial chic look that these old numbers lend to these jars! Black and white is always a plus for me too! They really can cross a lot of design style lines and still fit in! (Oh my many exclamation points can this woman USE?)
These are for sale on my Etsy shop hopeandjoystudios. The old clothes pins are another of those "projects in waiting" I was talking about earlier! These would be cool for collection display or to hold kitchen or laundry items if you are one of those people with open shelving (NOT me! I need doors to squash things behind! Minimal is not an adjective that will ever be used to describe me, except maybe "I get minimal sleep"!) Hope you are all having a great day! Til next time! Julia


Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Those are cute! Old jars are a lot of fun.

Jill said...

The numbers are a great addition. I just painted some lids to some jars I picked up but don't like the color so more change...
86 times for gummies?! LOVE IT! Ha! I thought I was going to go nuts listening to Rockin' Robin the other day over and over with my 4 year old in the car!!