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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Upcycled candlesticks Shabby Chic

Hi guys! These are some candlesticks that I upcycled the other day. I got the wooden candlesticks at an estate sale this weekend. They had a rather garish paint job. As they are quite hefty, I thought they would look better as a pillar candle holder.
At another estate sale my husband pointed out a box of old lamp parts. I didn't know what in particular I needed them for at that point, but it was a good price so I got them! I got the idea to add them to the top of these candlesticks. I just added a washer and screw and that was it. This was actually meant to hold a glass globe on a lamp. I found when I pulled the tips out a bit so it would hold a pillar candle, it looked like a cute crown! I debated covering the switch hole with a vintage button or and old rhinestone bit, but I decided to let that up to whoever bought them.
It also has all these fabulous little piercings that are perfect to hold vintage chandelier prisms. I also considered adding those but my husband/voice of reason asked "HOW much are you planning to price these?" Oh well..if they don't sell, I will add them and keep them!
I repainted and shabbified and varnished... yes Spell Check..shabbified IS a word!
Too yummy! I am usually a color lover, but I really like the pale on these! Now I will have an eye out for more old wood candlesticks! Man..I am as bad with exclamation points as my 3 yr old grandson is with repeating himself..I dropped my 8yr old off at school this morning and in the 3 mile trip home he used the phrase "I want gummy bears!" 83 times that I counted! Entirely my fault for buying him some yesterday.. Oh well! Hope you have a great day..until next time! Julia


Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets said...

Very cool! I'm not good at seeing things for what they "could be" so I always admire those who can upcycle items!

Jill said...

These are neat and you know I think a globe with a small candle inside would look neat too.

Pillar Candle Chandelier said...

This old style pillar candle chandelier is giving a very antique look on that.