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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage Shabby Chic Prom Dress

This is a new find. I love this pretty! I had a hard time taking pix of it. I tried a mannequin first, but my manni is too bootylicious. So I retook them this morning with it hanging on the wall over my bed..note the sad lack of headboard. I am waiting for "the perfect thing" there! This is a 1950's dress. My prom dresses (1979, 80, 81) were long ones..all homemade too! I had a metallic green(!) one with a shorty jacket w/ crystal pleated trim.. a pink Jessica McClintock homemade Gunne Sax one with a quilted pink satin jacket and a lavender chiffon floral print one that looked like something Scarlett O'Hara would have worn. My prom dates were less than thrilled to be AT the prom (last 2 years it was my now husband!) and as soon as the first dance was over we left for more "happening" events. I was always sort of disgruntled about leaving that soon but too young and dumb to voice my objections!
Ahhhhh.. My grandson was "helping" me take these by jumping on the bed. I had to wait til his head was out of the shot before snapping! Of course we had to take a few pics of him giggling in my covers too.
I love anything sparkly..this skirt was sprinkled with tiny prong set rhinestone studs. Rachel Ashley has elevated pretty vintage prom dresses to a decor item (bless her pretty heart!) I love looking at her pretty romantic and girly!
One of the outdoor shots that you can see the poofy-liciousness of the skirt ..yes Spell check.. that IS a word! Do you have any prom dress memories? Hope y'all have a great day Til next time! Julia


SarahBeth said...

My high school only had prom for the Seniors and it certainly wasn't the big deal that it is today! I didn't want to be all poofy-licious (love that!) so my dress was a two-piece A-line skirt and top made of a royal blue brocade. Made by my mom! And I could wear it other places than just the prom!!
Love the vintage dress, though - it's lovely!
♥ Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sandy said...

So romantic looking! My prom dress was very simple. I would have loved wearing a vintage 1950's dress. No fond memories of my prom. My boyfriend (now hubby) was in Basic Training at that time.