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Monday, January 31, 2011

All you need is Love.....

All you need is love...all you need is love, love... I have always loved Valentine's Day. I love heart shapes and girly, lacey pink things, and chocolate so it is a great day for me! I remember being in grade school and making and decorating Valentine boxes and bags to hold our Valentines from our classmates. I loved making my own Valentines complete with paper doily lace and glitter. I am not sure my classmates thought they were cool, but I did! I also remember using store bought ones and agonizing over which ones to send didn't want to send a mushy one to a boy..unless he was your crush... then you sent him a mushy one and agonized over your decision to do so! Today I am posting some pics of looooove.. the first is a pic from my Etsy shop for some Scrabble tiles I am selling on there. Why Scrabble tiles you ask? Because talented Etsians turn them into cool pendants by collage-ing mini pictures onto them. I have thought about giving it a whirl , but there are so many selling them I may just make some for me!

This is a pic of some antique wooden letterpress print blocks I sell. I have always liked the look of type and different fonts. I like to use pages of text repurposed in my pieces. I love books and the written Kindle for me yet! I even love the library and how books and magazines smell. I am a magazine junkie and the first thing I always do is inhale!

This last pic is of a leaf my daughter brought me this fall. She knows I love hearts! She used to pick me flowers and draw me pictures when she was a little girl (she's 19 now!) and she still likes to surprise me from time to time! Love is all you need!

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