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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pictures from Home

Hi guys! These are pictures of my hometown Redfield, South Dakota. I haven't actually lived there since 1984 but my family still does and we go back there every summer. My daughter wrote a paper for college about those trips back to Grandpa and Grandma's absolutely brought tears to my eyes. I'll have to wrestle it from her to post on here! THIS is what I grew up calling an "elevator". It is a grain elevator and on the Dakota prairies, they are the biggest things around..our "skyscrapers". We lived 5 miles west of town and always could see the elevator in the distance. My Grampa and Gramma lived about 5 blocks straight to the right of it so whenever I saw it, I thought of it as "their" elevator and knew they were near. That is train cars and snow piles in front of it. ..that will be long gone in the summer!

And this is Main Street..the only street with a stop light! I have been in every one of these buildings over the years..some are long gone..Silins Bakery where I got the best long johns and doughnuts ever and bought my wedding cake.. and the Ben Franklin.. almost the only place they had toys in town! Some carry on, Stacey's Drug, Leo's Good Food ( moved into the former bank building..the salad bar is in the vault!) My husband's aunts and uncles still gather there once a week. My brother and sister's coffee shop Simply Charming is here..home of the BEST frozen coffee's I've ever had! Terry's bar where the Kiwanas, Lions and Jay-cees still meet. This is were my parents grew up and their parents before them. Down this street marches the Homecoming Parade (go Pheasants!) and the 4th of July parade every year with everybody in town and country turning out. Home sweet home..I do miss it! (Just not that dang cold weather!) Thank God for my small town roots!

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