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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day part 3

Hello all! I am on day 3 of no school snow days..fine with me but the natives are getting restless. Today I found myself sailing down the snowy hillside in a blue plastic wading pool! East TN is not used to much snow so we have no proper sled! Sledding is still fun..cold ears and wet pants..not so much! I spent an hour of tonight getting stuck on the icy road trying to go pick up my daughter from work. They do not clear the side roads down here at all and there is at least an inch of packed snow and ice on it and I didn't make it up a hill (but did manage to slide back down the hill into a ditch. All's well now knight in shining armour came and rescued me. We couldn't get the cars back up our driveway though..too slippery!I hate being the woman who needs rescuing but it was nice! I spent the morning photographing vintage Turquoise Fire King to list on Ebay. I couldn't resist taking a couple pretty ones for here! I also made earrings last night for my Etsy shop. They are made of antique chandelier crystals and vintage glass beads and pearlies. I don't usually make jewelry but I did spend 2 years in dental lab tech school ..part of it learning to bend wires for retainers. Surprise surprise..bending wire for earrings is the same as bending wire for retainers! So here are a couple pics of those also..of course I had to keep a pair for me! Until next time, here's hoping you have a knight in shining armour too..or no need of one!

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