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Friday, January 21, 2011

Let them eat cupcakes!

Let them eat cake!

Boy I bet Marie regretted THAT phrase!

Hi! I have been in a Marie Antionette mood lately and whipped this up. My daughter Alexa refers to this as the "$50 dollar cupcake" as it took me forever to make it. I had a lot of time spent sitting and staring at it and making design choices. The next ones won't take me as long (hopefully!) This has a top of a hand tinted copy of an antique fashion plate. The base is hand pleated pink crepe paper with vintage French text from book, scrap paper, glitter, antique lace from my stash and pink rhinestones. This is totally a faux cake..nothing edible about it! The faux frosting is decorated with glass beads and "jimmies" and vintage faux ( I hope) pearls. She is now on my Etsy site and I have more in the works! This is the size of those huge muffins you see in the know the ones you don't even want to know the calorie and fat content of..5 bazillion grams of carbs. When my daughter was expecting we were in the grocery store and bought one of those to split. She couldn't even wait for the check out. She broke me off a 1"x1" piece and when I finshed paying I turned around and she was standing there with an empty muffin liner and a guilty look on her face! As I have learned to say in the South, Bless her heart! Here's hoping your day is all pink cupcakes with sprinkles! Julia

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