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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I was trying to think what to post today and was going through my pics and ran across some of flower frogs. For those who aren't acquainted with these wonderful vintage gems, flower frogs are what people used to stabilize and arrange flowers in vases and containers before the advent of floral foam. They are a fab collectible..there are soooo many styles! They were made in glass of various hues (including clear, black, depression pink and green, carnival glass and probably more!) metal, wire, glazed pottery and included a myriad of styles. The glass are usually flattish disks or "hockey pucks" with holes to hold the stems. They range in size from a few holes to 16+ holes. I've even seen embossed ones. The metal come in cage styles, springy and coiled wonders, spikey "pin style" and more. There are also glazed pottery ones that were put out by the pottery houses of the day..Weller, Rookwood, Van Briggle and Roseville examples can set you back a pretty penny. What I like about them besides that there are so many different ones and the almost architectural/sculptural quality that they posess is the fact that most are inexpensive! Yes..that's right..I'm cheap! Also, besides using them for their original purpose, they can be repurposed. The "holey" and cage styles can hold your pens, pencils and paint brushes..I have also seen them holding small flags and lollypops on a table! The pin style are great to hold photos, notes, placecards, table numbers, business cards, small signs, etc. I am adding some photos from examples I have sold on Etsy and Ebay..most of these are now gracing someone else's home. For me and my husband though, the joy comes in just finding them to sell! (That man is a flower frog magnet!) I hope you enjoy the info and the pix! Julia

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