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Friday, January 7, 2011

A view in my backyard today

I have a wandering herd of male peacocks that actually belong to the neighbor down the road that spend most days at my house. It is always just the males..the hens stay home. There used to be 3 but now there are 3 teenagers who get to come along and one slightly older albino male. The original 3 didn't like the albino at first but when the other 3 came along this spring he got to come along too!I have learned it takes a couple years for the males to get all their color and longer to get their first pretty tail feathers. This guy was showing off in the back yard today and I had to be quite cagey to get a frontal view! They generally spend the day stealing the cats' food and preening about. Come dusk they are off home to roost!

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