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Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Weekend's Vintage Finds Part 1

Hi guys! I'm sharing some great vintage finds I got this weekend. I have already shown the can can skirts and the vintage tablecloths and fabric and I have 2 more groups to share. I was going to do it all at once but I took a bunch of pix and want to show most of them! As you can tell from the background fabric in my Etsy shop, I looove old pillow ticking. I got 9 vintage/antique pillow tickings this time and a pretty floral cotton curtain panel. It has a tear on one edge but doesn't seem to be dry rotted..just got torn I will wash this up to sell or use. The tickings range from pristine to grungy and they will also get washed and get the sunlight and dewy grass treatment. (See my last post!) I plan to either make these into totes or pillows or just sell. I have lots of ideas! I think with these I would like to use vintage lace and add vintage mother of pearl buttons, linens bits or maybe even the now hot burlap! Hmmm...

I believe the wider striped ones of these are generally the older ones. I love blue and white farmhouse chic!

More vintage feedsack fabric! The pale pink on the bottom is actually part of a curtain or something..I couldn't quite figure out what it was supposed to be, they had pieced together old sheets and muslin and sewed the feedsack on the edge..maybe some sort of a dust ruffle? I am going to take this back apart and sell the fabric. The other 3 are vintage feedsack made up into cute little bolero jackets! I think they are teen girl size but my daughter tried them on and they fit her and she is a size 7..but the sleeves are 3/4 and it is a bolero length. I will get this on the line to pic soon! The red white and blue one is my fav. I can just see it w/ star spangled pants on a child in a parade!

Ohhhh..journals and ledgers! I also always snab snab a word? LOL These have filled out pages and blank pages. They appear to be farm ledgers and run from the 1940's to 1951. Fabulous bases for altered journals..just glue in your personal pics, drawings, doodles and jottings. The grain sack underneath was also something I almost was hanging over the porch rail. It does need cleaning, but I have a couple dozen old feedsacks that also need cleaning so it can just go in with those!

The handwriting appears to be "farmwife".

I also got this cool pitcher/vase. It is unmarked. I thought I had seen it in a McCoy book someplace but couldn't find it in mine. Maybe Shawnee or Hull..definately cool! There is a glass flower frog hiding behind the teacup. It has some chippage on the edges so it will go in my booth where that cannot be missed by the buyer. The teacup and saucer with the sweet violets are Lefton. I have actually sold one of these before!

This is just the cutest vintage clothepin bag! It has a bit of grunge so it also it getting washed and I must scrounge up the appropriate vintage wooden hanger for it. I love clothespin bags like just don't see coolness like this nowdays. All my Grammas had clothespin bags. I love line dried clothes..especially sheets and maybe I'm weird, but I like how the towels get all crunchy and good smelling! Line dried jeans..not so much, but I will do my part for being Eco friendly when I can!

These make my heart beat faster. They are vintage glass Christmas garland beads. I use them in my handmade items and I am always glad to resupply my stash! The little angel is sort of trash but as I was going to toss her I know..some glue..some glitter..and back she went into the basket!

A fab pair of 1960's unused JCPenneys asian insired PJs. I love electric blue! It has bright yellow piping and black and gold metallic dragons. The black pants still had their original pins in them..I guess they were too snazzy for someone! The belt is missing but a black satin ribbon can easily fill in. If these fit..I may keep!

Rowwwrrrrr....I love vintage tins. They are ususally plentiful and cheap! I look for cute/cool graphics. This one was cute.Probably held cookies at one time. I love aqua so this may go in my studio to corral supplies. I always shake these and make sure they are not a button tin..when I hear a rattle, my heart skips a beat! This was empty but sweet! They are also a great , green giftpackage. Just rinse, dry and fill!

And this is my Perfect Ending. I love this cookbook and have a copy on my cookbook shelf! Hoping your day has great finds and perfect endings! Til next time! Julia


Memories for Life said...

Wow...great finds! I love the beads and the journals best :)

Amithigirl said...

There are so many stories behind these vintage finds...those are so inspiring too:):)

Bliss Accessories said...

I love the journals and ledger pretty cool!