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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strawberry Pickin' Time!

Hi guys! I know I said it would be estate sale finds today, but I decided to go strawberry picking instead! This strawberry patch is a couple miles from my house in beautiful east Tennessee. Mornings are the best time to pick. It is cool and that is when most of the older folks go and get the best ones!
Buckets in hand are my daughter Alexa and grandson Hunter. He was pretty excited about picking berries even though he really didn't even know what that was! It was her first day after college finals and she was a bit harder to get moving! (She loves strawberry picking though!)He figured it out pretty quickly. We only let him eat one. He broke out in a rash as a baby when eating strawberry babyfood and we want to make sure he is not allergic! Nina maaaay have eaten a couple herself! His hairdo is courtesy of going to bed with a wet head, bedhead and the wind. I think he rocks the look!There was an insane amount of berries. You could have filled your bucket without even moving! I cannot get mine to grow like this!
Yummy! Some were big enough to fill the palm of your hand!All done! It is $10 a bucket if you use their buckets. She gave me a discount for bringing back the buckets from last year. My 8 yr old was in school..he will be so mad we went without him. Guess we will have to go again..darn!
I think the smaller ones taste the best. All ready for shortcake and freezer jam and just freezing. I wish I had some rhubarb for strawberry rhubarb crisp! *drool*
This was a hayfield we passed on the way home. We had to stop and check out the wild batchelor buttons..they were sooo pretty! These were about waist high.
My mom plants these in her garden, but they don't get this tall!
They always remind me of mom.
My fav pic of the day! Keep your eyes peeled for the Lord's beautiful creations! Hope you have a great day and stop again! Julia


SleightGirl said...

Those strawberries look so good I wanted to pick them right off of my computer screen!

SImple and Serene Living said...

yummy. I can't wait for the rain to stop and strawberry picking to begin.

Lulu Grey said...

Your post made me smile. Wildflowers and strawberries? Yes, please!

If Wishes Had Wings... said...

Your photographs are beautiful! Now I want some strawberries, yum!

Bliss Accessories said...

So beautiful there nothing like west Texas and those strawberries look so good!

Melissa at said...

These pictures are SO pretty and make me so excited for summer! :)