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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Laundry Day OR Washing Vintage Linens

Hi guys! I got quite a few vintage fabric pieces this weekend. A couple had spots so I thought I share my spot removing process. First, soak overnight in your presoak of choice NO BLEACH. You could use Biz or Oxy..I just use Tide and warm water. Yes..that is my impossibly green bathtub..When we bought our house we called it "The Brady Bunch House" miles of shag carpeting and green and gold everything! I have gotten used to the tub since removal would be a headache and until we do an entire bathroom remodel, I have a granny smith apple green bathtub! ..but I digress *ahem*. Step 1: Soak your linens overnight before washing. Most old linens are cotton and cotton dries out and becomes fragile over time. Soaking rehydrates the fibers and makes it strong enough to stand up to a trip through the washer( usually..there are the occasional dry rotted pieces that just disappoint!)
Step 2. The next morning run it through the wash NO BLEACH... BLEACH IS EVIL TO OLD FIBERS! and take it outside and spread it out to dry on the dewy morning grass. Obviously my technique does not work for me in the cold months! Green grass is a must and sunshine. The sun was still lollygagging this morning, but the weatherman said it was supposed to show its face today! The sun shines down, the dew evaporates through the damp cloth and the cholorophyll in the grass also adds to the spot removal process. This is an OLD, effective process! You do have to take your chances with low flying birds and curious pets and in my case, nosy peacocks but worst case rewash!
I looooove vintage floral tablecloths!
This one is my has a mend on one edge but I love the roses!
I love roses on anything! I got a couple more of these tablecloths, but the other ones were spot free.
So pretty!
This is the yardage... a huge honking piece. It had some overall grunge...faboo print! Wouldn't this make a cool wedding aisle runner? The heck with boring white, instant rose strewn path!
This is my idea of a "yellow brick road"... I'd follow it anywhere! I have tooons of stuff to take pix of today. I hope to get some pix of my "treasures" from the weekend up on here soon..maybe later today! Hope your day is rose covered! Til next time! Julia

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