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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flowers and serenity

Hi guys! I took these pictures of some of "my" flowers this morning. They look so serene. My day has been less so. More about that later..first the pix. This is Queen Anne's lace. It is a wildflower or weed here. When it crops up in my flowerbed as this has, I leave it be. It is quite pretty. The mature heads are about softball size. I believe they are also called "wild carrot".

This one is less open..they remind me of snowflakes. The symmetry and geometry in nature is quite amazing at times!

They have a touch of pink when opening. If I actually planted this, I could probably not get it to grow! Sometimes I just go with the flow!

My hydrangeas are jusssst starting to open. These will be a pretty blue. I believe these were Nikko.

This is some self reseeded nigella in my garden. It is also called "love in a mist". The flowers are about the size of a 50 cent piece. It has spectacular seed pods which I will be showing you later. They come in purple, pretty blue...

white and pink and mixes..

and purple-y pinks. The foliage looks spiky but is soft and ferny. I planted these once and they just keep coming favorite type of flower..hard to kill and self sufficient! These seeds used to be harder to find but thanks to Martha, they are in most seed displays now.

THIS is poison ivy and it grows like crazy here. I am generally not affected by it. It sprouts up in my flowerbeds and I just "yoink" it right out. My daughter on the other hand is horribly allergic. She doesn't even have to touch it herself and she gets a rash. She had such a bad case last summer she went in to the walk in clinic for help and they gave her a hydrocortisone shot and steroid pills..she was so pitiful! That actually helped her quite quickly. Someone on my Etsy team said goats eat poison ivy..I may have to look into that!

A flower that grows so well in my lawn. My Grampa used to dig and burn these out but I live in the country and really have no animosity to the lowly dandelion. My kids always got so much joy picking me dandelion bouquets..I can still see their proud little faces in my mind's eye. My grandbaby calls these "wishes" and blows the seeds all over the place..Grampa would cringe! My Gramma on my Mom's side actually ate dandelion greens and made dandelion wine. I guess she just rolled with them too! My lack of serenity was spending the afternoon fighting with my Epson..not an actual person! It was being a butthead..skipping lines, printing red, printing NO color, alternately not recognizing one ink cartridge after another.."Yellow..hmmm I don't think I know LOOK sorta familiar but NO I do not recognize you!" *insert me taking half full or more cartridges out and shaking them silly and putting them back in and giving the printer a smack* OHHhhh...Yellow!! I know YOU..but who is that shady looking "Cyan" over there? Arrrggghhh!! I cleaned the heads 5-6 times and finally just put it in a time out for a couple hours so it can reflect on its bad behavior. I don't know if there is a patron saint of printers..maybe mechanical things? I guess I'll just ask St Anthony and St Jude for some intercession (patron saints of lost things and lost causes). I do wear those 2 saints out! (for the non Catholics "intercession" is like them putting in a good word with the Lord) Of course this happens when I really need my printer to be on its best behavior! Oh well..we'll see. And yes I do know this is what sometimes comes of not buying the expensive Epson ink but overall the savings of buying ink online far outweighs the occasional frustrations! Plus..I'm cheap! LOL Hope your day is going smoothly! Until next time! Julia


JoAnn said...

Love your pictures, very pretty! All its been doing here is raining...:{

Rebecca D. Dillon said...

Wonderful photos! Even the "weeds" are pretty!

Lauren said...

Beautiful flowers! My daughter loves the weeds too! I wish I didn't kill all that I plant. :( I need a gardener so I can look at beautiful flowers outside my door!

Julia said...

These pictures are amazing! So very lovely. Thank you for stopping by my blog!