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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tennessee is smelling reeeeal good!

Hi guys! I wish my blog page had "smell-a-vision"! Tennessee smells maaaaahvelous this week! I'm not sure WHAT this shrub is but it is blooming all over the place. It smells very floral/powdery..I'd say "Gramma perfume" but I am a gramma now so maybe GREAT gramma perfume or little old church lady. It smells good, I'm just not a big powdery scent lover.
Close up! I feel bad for those with allergies this week. You can even smell this in the house with all the windows closed!
Of course THIS isn't helping! This is honeysuckle and it grows rampant everywhere. I actually love the scent of this..a sweet green scent. It comes in white or yellow or white and yellow. I taught my kids how to get the "honey" out of neighbor had to show ME, I am a midwest farm girl! If you pull the flower off and pinch off the very tip and squeeze, a drop of sweet nectar appears for the tasting.
As my daughter said the other day..smells like summer!
Not a good cut flower but still gorgeous.
Daisies also grow wild in the ditches. This little bee was just the biggest ham ever. Every time I moved to another flower to take a picture, he would go there too!
He was in pollen heaven!
These are sweet peas..they also grow wild in the ditches. I love this color, a bright magenta.
They come in a couple shades of pink.
This one is pretty too! I feel lucky to live where so much beauty is just around me every day!

This was the rainbow I saw tonight on our car ride home from a graduation party. My daughter and her best friend are graduating from college tomarrow and our 8 yr old is making his first communion in the morning..a busy day! I am off to bed early to rest up for tomarrow. Wishing you have a sweet weekend! Until next time. Julia


Impossible Alice said...

Are those little white flowers in the first photos Jasmine, maybe? I'm not sue, that's just what came to mind when I saw them =) And I LOVE honeysuckle! It grew all around my childhood home and we used to suck the honey drops out all the time!

Beth McDonald said...

Wow! Such pretty flowers surrounding you in Tennessee :) While I definitely love my home state of Oklahoma and where I live is considered "Green Country", I think we get a little jipped on the wild flowers! Hey - congratulations to you today..when my son graduated from college, that was one of my most proud mama days!! I couldn't stop grinning all day. Enjoy! Beth