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Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Saturday at the Antique Fair

Hi guys! I cheated on this was the view this morning when taking my little boy to school. This is our neighbor's pretty in the fog! We did an antique fair this Saturday. When we left the house it was still actually quite dark! I was a bit groggy and not snapping pix before 6am!
This is the tail end of my husband's truck in front of me. He had all the shelving, tent and a couple big things in his truck. I took most of the seats out of my minivan and packed it to the gills!We got things set up pretty quickly. I used step ladders and boards for shelves and other boards on top of a couple huge totes we had some things packed in covered w/ a tablecloth. All these suitcases that you see were also packed with goodies!
A grungy old ladderback ($10) and a chenille spread and a couple very nice embroidered bedspreads.
I really liked this aqua divided wooden case but alas it sold..what an attitude! LOL. It was oak under the paint and heavy! I thought it was cool and could be used either direction. Someone else thought so too! In front is a folding picnic table (also sold) All the plastic dishes went with and it all folded up into a metal suitcase! Vintage school chairs with some vintage ticking feather pillows that I added vintage buttons to the edges of these went too...also that cute aqua folding chair and the glass floats.
These are my board and ladder shelves. I like these because they fold up flat.
Some primitives..a cool old wooden trunk and some wooden factory molds. The molds were packed in wet sand and then removed and metal was cast into the sand hollows. My fav is the big one that you can use as a bowl.
Some Fire King Jadeite, Royal lace green depression glass and some cool vintage hardware store jars complete w/ contents..I think we were selling these $4 for large and $2 for small..great price, I believe these are DuraGlas.
Cute wooden stool, wooden mold/bowl and an antique coverlet piece. I am totally torn between primitives and 30's-50's vintage!
This is a cool little corner cupboard made from crates and some stars I made from antique quilt stars, yo-yos and vintage buttons.
I have a weak spot of vintage tins. This is one of my fav chalkware sweet! And a Niloak pink vase that may eventually just stay with me!
This is an awesome midcentury rocker I got last fall. This fair was it's first outing. It has faaaabulous lines, a wide seat and I think it is oak. I would add a black leather seat myself if I was keeping it!
This was also a maiden voyage for this quilt. I got this last summer in my old hometown. It is unused. The entire back is the floral feedsack print..all matching. The front is the same atomic print in 3 different colorways. This is a tack quilt and faboo.
A vintage suitcase (sold) with some vintage hankies and some lavender sachets I made from vintage hankies and vintage tulle, lace and buttons. I love displaying in vintage suitcases!
A very cool metal tote/caddy and some hearts I made from antique quilt squares, buttons and stamped muslin. The coverlet cushion is as I found it.I also like old wicker floral baskets and flower frogs. These are cage style..I also had the "holey" glass ones. I think I sold every vintage garden tool I brought along!
A birdhouse I made w/ vintage dominos and game pieces and 2 cigar box purses I made below.
A cool vintage camera, vintage giraffe toy and a vintage metal picnic tote. I love these and have several at my house..great for storage!
Another view of the Niloak vase, prism-y lamps and a sweet pitcher... I am a sucker for roses too! We had a great day and sold lots of things and most rain!
This a a 4 leaf clover my daughter picked me today. As I am doing a 4 day flea market this week AND we have our daughter graduating from college and our 8 yr old making his First Communion the same day..I need all the luck I can get! My daughter has a knack for finding these. Last time she really looked she picked 23 of them! Our old neighbor taught her the trick.."Look for the one that doesn't belong". Hoping your day is filled with luck! Until next time! Julia


Of The Fountain said...

Wow! It sounds like you had an awesome day. :) Isn't vintage luggage so neat? You have some very neat items! Very neat indeed. Good luck at your next gig! :)

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I like your setup! It feels very cozy even though it was outside.

Ramblin Mama said...

Hmmm, I think you may have had me at the pic of the embroidered spreads but I KNOW I was captured with the vintage hankies! I LOVE those things!

Kathryn Dyche said...

Wow, what a fantastic range of items. Looks like you had a great day.

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

i cant believe you fit all that is your van !! great job..and lots of cool stuff.