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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage McCoy Pottery

McCoy pottery is one of my favorite collectibles. I especially have a weakness for the aqua or turquoise pieces. *sigh* This is a piece I actually listed tonight in my Etsy vintage shop, hopeandjoyhome. It is circa 1947 and is a bulb bowl..meant for forcing bulbs such as narcissis, tulips, hyacinths. (I am a bit hazy on the exact directions, but I believe it involves pre-chilled bulbs, gravel and water) I have pictured it here with some of my hand dyed paper peony rose pins from my handmade Etsy shop, hopeandjoystudios. I love the pinks and corals with the aqua! I also like the cute scrolly wave motif on the bottom of this. It would also look great with shells or my vintage mother of pearl button collection..hmmmmm... This is what started me collecting pottery..the matte white pieces. I love this urn shape. I have several so this piece is going to my antiques booth. I have a similar one that is still piled with vintage pink and silver Christmas pretty they may stay a couple more weeks! These are generally unmarked and sometimes are marked floraline. They were more of a utility vase for the floral industry. They also come in mossy green and black and other mod shapes. Floraline is a great collectible..very modern looking and classic at the same time and still lower priced than some McCoy.
This is one of my older pieces. This is a jardinere from the 1920's. It is unmarked but in the McCoy book...very Deco!

This is a circa 1961 flowerpot with saucer...again in my favorite robin's egg blue shade.

I plan to share more of my favorites..hope you like them too! Til next time! Julia

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