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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Antique Valentine postcards

Hello! These are a few Valentine postcards from my collection. I love Valentine's day..hearts, pink, lace, and can it be any better? I picked these 3 at random and they ended up being all from the same family. 2 are to Burton Brown of Forbes, North Dakota and one is to Ava Brown. They are signed but apparently were hand post marks!

This pic I dialed down the color a bit...very pretty!

This one is to Burton from "your friend Maude". Names have certainly changed over the years..not alot of Burtons and Maudes running around the playgrounds today!

My honey bought me these chocolates..we have been hiding them from the kids and eating a couple a day! I can't believe we haven't been discovered yet..I told him to destroy all the evidence. It's like we are secret agents or something! I believe these cards are from the first quarter of the 1900's. I have a big stash of valentines someplace..If I can unearth them, I will share here! All I know for sure from looking today is where they are NOT! May your days be filled with pretty! Till next time..Julia

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