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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Lord's Handiwork and Mom's sick day

I have been sick the last couple days. The grandbaby gave me his bug or a variation of it. I didn't have the barfs which he so generously shared all over me last Thursday or the cough he has now but I was hit by a flu bug freight train. I just went to bed Saturday and pulled the covers over my head and slept til this morning! I talked to one of my friends and she was worried about me since I hadn't posted here! Thanks Debbie! I didn't get out too much to take pix, so I am sharing one of mine and 2 of my friends pics. This first one was taken by Betty Moore in SD earlier this winter. I love the smile from the Lord and the beautiful sky!

This one is one of mine. It was pretty much what I saw this weekend..the sassafrass tree that sits next to my garden outside my bedroom window. I had noticed at certain times of the morning, the branches appear mustard yellow, outlined in black and I love that color combo against the bright blue sky! Some mornings it looks even yellower than this. Even tho' there are no leaves, it is still beautiful!

This last one my daughter's friend Miss Ashley Myers took a couple days ago. Gorgeous a mom, I hope she wasn't driving since this is the interstate but I fear she was. She has amazing photos she posts on facebook and calls it her hobby, but she really has an eye! Now it is Monday and I have recovered enough to wash the piles of dishes and clothes and deal with the trash that somehow piles up when Mom is sick! I never get sick during the week somehow..I guess my body knows it is not allowed! Hoping you all are in good health and are taking a minute to see the beauty that is around us daily! Til next time! Julia

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