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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Farmhouse Chic feedsack no sew pillows

So.. I know how to sew, I have been sewing since I was 6..doll clothes to start..then 4-H outfits, my clothes, my kids clothes (at least until Mom sewn clothes were no longer "cool"!) The trouble is 1. I have no time and 2. I am sort of lazy! I figure I am not the only one so I thought I'd show you how I do "no sew" pillows. Farmhouse chic is a buzzword lately and I have quite a few vintage feedsacks I have been selling on Ebay and Etsy. These have a few spots. They were emptied of their feed and tossed in a barn bin for 50 years or so until I bought them last summer at an auction! Now these bags were made with inks that were supposed to wash out. Ladies in those days used the bags for toweling, quilt backing, even underdrawers! To remove all the spots I would also remove the ink so these just went into the wash machine with some Tide on cold, delicate and the shortest cycle. They did fade a bit, but are technically clean! I decided to show how to wrap a few pillows...most of the spots end up on the back. This is an easy technique that you probably already know..but just in case, here we go! I picked a square pillow I had on hand, put it inside the feedsack (they are like a big pillowcase). I centered the graphics how I wanted them to appear on the front, flipped it over and pulled the excess fabric to the back.

I then made a pleat in the center tucking up all the extra fabric..

Added a safety pin...

Folded the "top" down and made corners like I was wrapping a present and pinned..

Folded the bottom up and pinned. (at this point you could tack on some large buttons if you want it more finished than safety pins)

And there you go! These would also look great finished off with some jute twine wrapped around it like you do with ribbon on a gift!( Also, If you wanted a crisper look, I would iron and starch the fabric before wrapping the pillow)

You could also do this with any fabric remnant that is big enough..if farmhouse isn't your thing, imagine the trendy french grain sack, floral, a yummy vintage scarf or even muslin or linen layered with vintage lace or doilies..add ribbon or lace and tack with a rhinestone brooch!

I actually made one once out of my favorite black knit mini skirts (the one my husband referred to as "the belt" ha!) and a wide gingham ribbon once I turned thirty something! Look at what you have and give your pillows a quick makeover! Til next time! Julia


Eyelah said...

nice tutorial! I'm following you now.

Albertine's Creations said...

Great tutorial and a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

Great idea! I love those old feedsacks.