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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Vintage antique booth pics

 Hey guys! A few pics from my antique/vintage booth. I am ready for a major overhaul. This is a cool piece. It used to be in a hardware store. It is about 12" deep, 6 foot tall and probably 5 1/2 feet wide. My husband and I were arguing about how many drawers it has but it is around 280...19 rows high and 14 or 15 rows across.

 It is wooden and all the cubbies are wooden, but the drawers are pressboard or cardboard.

 Cool little pulls and places for labels.

 There are a few drawers missing on the bottom row.

 Much coolness!

 A metal hardware bin. I sold a taller one last year.We are thinking of opening a shop again..if we do this is coming with. I have tooons of vintage hardware I could fill it with. In the mall though, there are multi dealers and everything has to be priced..that many price tags? Akk! I think I am going put groups of knobs in Ed's Etsy shop.

 A nice harvest table that I wish would sell.. only $250 on it.

 This one is actually tall enough for modern chairs. Maybe I should paint the legs grey.

 A "hoosier" cabinet of my son in law to be's. These used to be a faster seller. He only has $200 on it.

I did a bunch of rearranging and need to do more before the annual Sweetwater Small Town Christmas festival the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. They are having an ice skating rink this year! You cannot skate on any ponds in TN, the ice never gets thick enough. Ed and I looked at a house this week for a possible business location. Yikes. Hole in the roof so bad the floor of the back porch collapsed, no heat or air, knob and tube electricity, leaking pipes, so filthy and when I turned on the basement light and looked down the stairs..12 inch rat! We decided to keep looking! It is hard  to know which way to leap sometimes.(Not this instance! lol)  Hope you have a great weekend and stop back! Julia

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