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Monday, October 26, 2015

Shows and pillows

Hi guys! Still here plodding away.. I have been busy doing shows the last couple weeks. One was quite good and one was..well the people there bought great..just not a lot of people there! The joys of doing shows! Above is a mushroom I painted for Ed's shop. I really like the red and white polka dotted mushrooms..just cheerful to me. Maybe all that Mario Bros. I played with the kids back in the day..


I've been working on a couple mixed media pieces. These are angels. I made them with shabby vintage dolls. I like the grungy cloth bodies. This one has no legs but that is OK. Her wings are a large rusty hinge. I made her crown too. She has a stamped copper heart that says Blessed ..a fitting word for me after my cancer journey this year.

This is a small one. Again the rusty hinge wings. Her skirt is some antique quilt backing scraps in palest blue. I made the brave medallion from stamped and painted paperclay.

Some pics from one of the shows.  architectural pieces, cast iron "wheels", windows and door crowns.

Vintage typewriters...........

Shutters and ornate vintage mirrors. I only had $22 on the takers!

More vintage dolls and large frames...

I think these 2 danish modern chairs are going to end up in my takers on them either.

Lots of vintage rusty keys....I like these old muffin pans.

I did sell some glitter trees..

I made some new chicken wire cloches. Some have glass knobs and some have ironstone insulator knobs.

More  shots of "the girls"...

Hearts I made with vintage wallpaper, French text,vintage millinery flowers and some have handmade stamped medallions..they are in my shop now.

I made pillows to take and spent the day trying to keep them off the (unexpected) dirt floor..yay!

Vintage sugar sacks I stamped with antique letter stamps and some have French style graphics transfers

There is a chair under there someplace (I think I sold that).

I may offer custom ones of these later after the Christmas craziness settles down. Johannes Becker was my 3X great grandpa (maybe 4) Ennetbuhls was/is in Switzerland. I picked names and places from my family tree and added numbers and dates I liked. All you need is a family name to make it meaningful.

I made some crown pillows. All these were made on vintage grain feed seed sacks. Someone had removed the graphics, but I still like the old textiles.

This one is actually a vintage cranberry bean seed bag.

Ornate chair..

Large starch bag...

Seed corn..

Another (German) ancestor. I have been selling things and trying to make enough to have things ready for (hopefully) the Christmas rush. This will be my first Halloween in about 30 years that I haven't had a child to take trick or treating. Jack has decided he is too old *Sigh* I may have to buy myself a bag of mini Snickers and call it a night! Happy Halloween to one and all! Til next time! Julia

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