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Monday, November 30, 2015

Bridal Shower DIY and upcycled metal duct work vases

Hi Guys! I am getting started on bridal shower decor for my youngest daughter Alexa (2 weeks before the shower!)  I have a somewhat reluctant bride. She wants to get married and doesn't have time for the details. She wasn't even sure she wanted a bridal shower so we got a late start. She wants her dress and bouquet a certain way and everything else is a bit whatever. She has some nos..NO chalkboard, NO burlap, and NO mason jars. ..and the pink can't be too girly and nothing "foofy" or "cheesy". She is a chemistry grad student with a love of Harry Potter ..but doesn't want a theme-y HP wedding. Her fiancee is an engineering student graduating this Spring. She is using books as a part of her wedding table a winter woodland (but not Christmas-y), book, Harry Potter (but not "theme-y")wedding..Whew. Her colors are plum, blush pink and pale grey. The grey was originally sage but apparently the sage colored bridesmaid dresses were all a bust. SO off I went. I got the idea of silver metal vases and saw this ductwork when I was in Lowes. This is actually an adjustable can swivel and bend. I just liked the ribbing. You can get smooth and 4" 6" or 8" wide. Here I have a cap in the bottom, but it is not necessary. I am thinking of it more as a vase "sleeve". We are probably using paper flowers and greenery that does not need water anyways, but you could slip this over most vases.

 These flowers are paper roses I made with Harry Potter text book pages. You can use whatever book, sheet music, map paper, etc..she just likes HP. NOTE selling HP roses is against the TM.. you can make them for yourself though.

 I will have a tutorial on how to make these in a day or 2.

These are the pieces I bought. I am using the bottoms to hold succulents, pebbles, and candles. The taller piece will have florals. Probably not the HP flowers, I just plunked those in there to show them.The tall piece was $4-$5 and the cap was $3-$4. (I can probably resell them after the wedding!)

 I got these succulents at Lowes for under $4 each. They co-ordinate with her palette, and I don't have to worry about killing them any time soon!

 Pretty sages, greys, and pinky-plums..

 We found the pebbles at Dollar General for $1 a bag ($3.99 elsewhere for the same thing!)

 Invitations were Target $4.99 for 10 because they went with her "design" and they were just so cute!

 Also got candles and votives at Dollar General ..for $1.

 Dollar General paper plates and silver plastic silverware also at Dollar General for..$1. The plates match her design and are cute!

 Hard to find plum napkins locally, but I found these at Party Supply.

 We wanted to put recipe cards in with her invitations for guests to fill in with their fav recipes. We got these at Hobby Lobby. The recipe cards were 6 assorted styles and matched the recipe box. I also bought paper punches and included small Harry Potter text hearts and stars in the envelope..not so much like a confetti or glitter bomb..just 6 or so...cute whimsy but not a PITA for people to have to vacuum up.

I think these vases are actually going to hold magnolia leaves and paper magnolia blossoms.


Alexa is putting a couple of these in her bouquet and the rest are going to be part of the wedding table decor. Stop back for the paper rose tutorial and to see more of what we are doing! Comments loved, followers adored! 'Til next time! Julia


Connie said...

The decorations that you are making a lovely. . . you know there are a lot of book re-purposing ideas on Pinterest. Have fun and congratulations to the bride and groom.

dreneewilson said...

This is all absolutely lovely! I fits perfectly. You've outdone yourself and have a very lucky daughter. :)

Genie said...

I'm a big believer in practical weddings and BIG marriages. Love your ideas.