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Monday, November 23, 2015

Vintage feedsack fabric lace and more estate sale goodies

 Hi guys! Life has been crazy lately. I went to an estate sale 2 weeks ago and I'm just now getting things out of the boxes!. I have had numerous trips to the chiropractor, 6 fillings replaced because they were apparently old..or the dentist needed work? (Hope not!) There was a church Thanksgiving luncheon for 100+ senior citizens and one funeral reception to serve.Not sure how I end up on all those committees?

 Anywho..feed sacks. I loooove these. I got a goodly stack. The ones on the bottom are actually doubles.

 The ones on the very top are an apron, an almost finished apron and 2-3 cut out aprons.

The middle ones are singles and a couple have some pieces cut out. These will eventually be going to Ebay and Etsy. The next couple months are going to be nuts. Thanksgiving, Alexa's bridal shower, Christmas then Alexa's wedding the first part of January. Oh..and we got new flooring delivered this week so someplace in there, that needs to go down...and the walls painted..and the ceilings painted..and the baseboards beefed up and painted..and....quite possible a nervous breakdown in there someplace! 

Pssht.. anyways this feedsack was even stamped on the selvage..never had one like that before!These bags came with chicken feed, flour, sugar etc. in the 1930's-50's. They were basically a yard of fabric each so for a ladies dress you needed 2 matching ones.So many cheerful prints!

I got this antique cotton skirt too. It may be a petticoat. The sides are slit open from waist to mid thigh area and it has a bias tape and hook and eyes waist and pleats on the front..or back..not sure. The waist is tiny though. It was in a wad on the floor of a closet and I recognized this as old fabric..pre 1900's. There are a couple smallish holes but overall lots of cool yardage.

 I got scads of lace, some hand crocheted.

 Also a petticoat with no waistband so it was cheap and a antique eyelet toddler's dress. It has some split seams and I am going to see if I can repair it.

Marcasite cut steel shoe clips..these may end up in upcycled jewelry.Not sure WHEN! After the Thanksgiving dust clears I am going to be sharing things/decor from Alexa's  bridal shower and maybe some OMG befores of my house. Stop back and see what I'm up to! Til then! Julia


The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG, you are one busy girl. I can't imagine doing a wedding around or right after the holidays....Way to much! That was a great estate sale! Feed sacks what a find and still my heart! Take a deep breath this too shall all pass!


Aimee said...

Are these still available for sale?