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Saturday, November 14, 2015

DIY Upcycled frame chalkboard signs and Fun with Fungi

 Hi guys! These are some chalk board signs I made this week to take up to my booth. I made them with uhhhgly 1970's and 80's framed "art prints". They were part of a lot Ed bought at auction. Some were antique and great and then there were "the rest'.  Maybe cost $1 each! You can use whatever you have around the house or even buy a cheap new dollar store frame to use. (But check the thrift store first) I took the prints out and used them as a pattern to cut new fresh cardbord/foamboard for the back.I separated the glass from the frames.  I cleaned the glass very well and then sprayed it on one side with sandable spray primer (it is with all the other spray paints in the paint aisle). I used that rusty red because that is what I had, but the grey would work too. Light even coat (or 2). Let dry a couple hours. Then I painted it with spray on Chalkboard paint. I think it was Krylon brand. 2 good medium light coats so no puddles. Let dry overnight.

 I painted the frames with spray paint too and distressed the white ones.I couldn't find any sandpaper in the house so I used one of those Scotch brand green pot/dish worked! I "seasoned" the "boards" with white chalk..I used the side of the piece as the new chalk hard edges were leaving lines. Just cover it with chalk, wipe off with a soft cloth and repeat. I picked some quotes and picked and laid out my fonts in Printshop (cheap $20 program if they even still make it) I use the "headline" text option as it allows you to make bigger letters.

The garland I just folded a piece of paper in half, free handed the "laurel" and traced and transferred it to the other side for a mirror image. This way I know my "freehand" graphics will stay on track and not wander off in a direction I don't want them going!(I have learned that the hard way)

 On this one for ex. I put a 8 1/2" 11" piece of paper up next to it and noted it was about 2 sheets tall when I held the paper sideways. So I printed out do all things and with on one sheet and LOVE on the next. I rubbed the back of the paper with white chalk, centered it where I wanted it and traced over the letters with a pen on the printed front..remove and BAM ..outlined letters. I got a chalk marker at Walmart for under $3..very cool. It is smudge resistant but it will wash off with water. I did not want these to get smudged in my booth by curious fingers so that is great! This one's frame has metallic gold Rustoleum spray that stuff!
 I just started at the top and went along the traced chalk lines. A bit of practice will help if you are not used to this but I have been painting for years..even so I find a sure stroke is less wiggly for some reason than a "cautious" one! After I outlined, I filled in the thicker letters. I like a mix of fonts... just looks more interesting and I try to think about the words and their importance. For example,"Be cozy" was soft so I used script and LOVE was a strong important word so I used bigger blocky letters. I put them back together and resecured the glass and backing with small nails and tape.

 I added sparkles with rhinestone details and crystal glitter to the frame of this one because..because! It is much more sparkly in person! These went up to my local booth today but I have a ton of ideas for more and different ones. So fun!

 This was a mushroom..toadstool? I spotted growing on the side of my driveway this week. I had to bail out and snap a couple pics.

 Then I had fun playing with them in Picasa..made me miss my grandbaby Hunter though as he loves to play with pictures in Picasa with no? I think this one was inverted colors.Love the pops of magenta! (Picasa is a free photo editing program..Google it for a download)

I think this would make an awesome background for an art piece and eventually that is what I hope to do with it! Hope you all have a great weekend! I will have some pix of the vintage fabric goodies I got yesterday morning in my next post..stop back! Til then! Julia

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