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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This weekends vintage McCoy and Shawnee pottery Flowerpot finds

 Hi guys! Sharing the pots I got this weekend buried in the $1 lot. I think the ones above are Shawnee pottery,

 I know the yellow and wine colored ones are Shawnee. I like this pattern.

 This big jardiniere I am unsure of. It looks like McCoy but isn't in the reference book I have. I have another book someplace I will have to find. They have some with this type of glaze, but they pattern is different. Jardinieres have no drain hole and sometimes have a matching pottery pedestal stand.

I loved this blue one, but it is missing a bit of "twig" handle. These both are McCoy.

 These are all McCoy. The yellow one is the same mold as the blue. The middle one here is purple. That is a harder color to find. I have one in my collection like this that used to belong to my husband's Gramma. The cute white one is called a violet pot. All of these except the last 2 went up to my booth in the antique mall. I am probably going to put the other 2 on Etsy as a group. Shipping on heavy pottery is extra $7-$10 on top of the price for one if it stays between 1-2 pounds.

 This vase I think may be old McCoy. It has a large-ish chip on the inside which is a shame. I may keep it. It has matte glaze and I think from the 1910's-20's. More research needed. I think those are lilies on the top lip.

This is my mystery head from one of the first boxes of dolls I have gotten into. It is composition and I know this type is referred to as "Googly" eyed. She looks like a Campbell's Kid or a Dolly Dingle, but not quite either. Her eyes have clear plastic over them with black plastic discs that roll about when you move her.Hmmm. I am sure she will not be the only mystery doll or doll head! I am off about my day.Have a great week and stop back to see what I have been up to! Julia

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